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Current Lab Members

Postdoctoral Scholars

Kyle McElroy, Ph.D. (Member of the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts)
Ph.D. Harvard University
B.S. Yale University

Graduate Students

Michael Babokhov
Graduate Student
B.S. Northeastern University
Ishtiaque Quasem
Graduate Student
B.S. University of South Florida
M.S. University of South Florida
Research Interests: Epigenetic inheritance of histone modifications
Kristina Reinmets
Graduate Student
B.S. University of Tartu, Estonia
M.S. University of Tartu, Estonia
Taylor Stewart
Graduate Student
B.S. Lehigh University
Ruby Ye
Graduate Student

Undergraduate Students

Yohanna Georgis Mackenzie Parmenter
Colin Raposo Angie Utomo