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Summer Morrill was awarded the 2014 Astronaut Scholarship – a $10,000 award – and received the giant check from former astronaut  Dean Kathryn Thornton.  Congratulations Summer!

New Arrival – Dr. Joe Cannon joined the lab coming from a postdoc in the Brodbelt lab at UT-Austin.  Welcome Joe!

A blast from the past - Steve finally had a patent issue on his work of polyarginine-conjugated proteins – a collaboration with Ron Raines, David Lynn, and Chris Jewell!

We had two papers accepted!

"Heterochromatin-associated interactions of Drosophila HP1a with dADD1, HIPP1, and repetitive RNAs" - fantastic work spearheaded by Art Alekseyenko in Mitzi Kuroda's lab - was published in Genes and Development. See it here

"Budding yeast as a model to study epigenetics" – a review by Steve and Ish was published in a special issue of Drug Discovery Today – Disease Models. See it here

Brad infeld was accepted into the Summer Scholars Program at Tufts University and will continue his research for the summer!

Summer Morrill spent the summer working in the laboratory of JoAnn Sekiguchi at the University of Michigan

We had 3 fantastic seniors graduate and find positions – Mohammad, Lola and Chelsea – you will be greatly missed!

Mohammad is moving on to graduate studies in the Molecular Genetics and Microbiology program at Duke University.

Lola is moving to Rockefeller University to work in the lab of Tarun Kapoor.

Chelsea is a Clinical Assistant at Clinical Assistance Programs in Framingham.

Mohammad and Steve presented research at the ASBMB meeting in San Diego. Mohammad successfully defended his undergraduate honors thesis.

Summer Morrill received a 2014 Goldwater Scholarship. Quite a prestigious honor! Summer also received the Paula Frazier Poskitt Scholarship from Tufts University. Named after Paula Frazier Poskitt (J1966, G1972) this fantastic award is mean to assist potential young investigators as who show uncommon aptitude in basic research and plan on entering graduate school in the biological sciences.


Dr. Adam Lothrop received a 3-year NRSA post-doctoral fellowship from the National Institutes of Health. Congratulations Adam!

Tufts Collaborates - The lab received a seed grant from the Tufts Collaborates initiative to do a project with Lenore Cowen and her student Andrew Gallant looking at the features of repetitive protein domains in yeast.

The undergraduates get big honors! We are excited to announce that several undergraduates received funding to work with us for the summer:

Mohammad Mosaheb (Junior) was accepted into the very prestigious Summer Scholars Program at Tufts University for 2013 to continue his research on RNA polymerase II.

Summer Morrill (Sophomore) was one of two undergraduates to receive the Russell L. Carpenter Summer Internship to stay in the lab and continue her work on the RNA polymerase CTD.

April Anamisis from Northern Essex Community College will be joining us as part of the NSF-funded REU program at the end of May!

Brad Reinfeld (Sophomore) will going to the lab of Lali K. Medina-Kauwe at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and UCLA Geffen School of Medicine.

Chelsea Miller (Junior) will be joining Clinical Assistance Programs in Framingham for the summer to get experience with clinical trials and Lola Yu (Junior) will be staying in the Fuchs lab looking at the role of histone modifications in aging.

Adam has a poster at the ASBMB meeting in Boston. In addition, Adam's review with Matt Torres was published in FEBS Letters as part of a special issue on the "Many Faces of Proteins". Check it out.

The lab has a new review article on the biology of repetitive protein domains in ACS Chemical Biology.


The lab has published a review article on the biology of repetitive protein domains in ACS Chemical Biology.
Check it out.

Steve's paper with Shohei Koide is now online at the Journal of Molecular Biology. Check it out.

Steve's manuscript with Scott thbart and Brian Strahl is online at Nature Structure and Molecular Biology.
Check it out.

Construction is finally done! We moved into our new lab space at 200 Boston Avenue. Let the fun begin!

Steve's Methods in mology chapter in Nucleosomes, Histones & Chromatin Part A edited by David Allis and Carl Wu was published. Check it out.

Dr. Adam Lothrop from the Hondal lab (University of Vermont) joined the group as a postdoc. We are very excited that he is here although we now need a bigger coffee pot!

We're anticipating the move to our new home: 200 Boston Ave Suite 4800 - Come Visit!

Lab Construction

March 2012

July 2012

Faith Blake (Undergraduate) was awarded a Summer Scholars fellowship to fund her research on the CTD of RNA polymerase this summer. Faith was also awarded The Paula Frazier Poskitt Scholarship. This award was established in 1995 to provide tuition support for a senior biology major who intends to pursue graduate studies in the biological sciences. This award was established by Dr. Thomas R. Poskitt, A'66, M'70, in memory of his wife Paula Frazier Poskitt, A'66, G'72.

Steve's most recent paper on the interactions between RNA polymerase and the methyltransferase Set2 came out in J. Biol. Chem.

Undergraduates Faith Blake and Daniel Kulla joined the mix. Faith is interested in the biology of the RNAPII CTD where Daniel is going to focus on the chemistry of CTD-protein interactions.

Varandt Khodaverdian is taking on the challenging task of being a rotation student in the 208 Barnum lab. Varandt will try to improve our peptide microarray assay.

Ishtique Quasem was the first brave soul to join this group as a senior research technician.

We are officially open for business as of January 2nd!