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We were awarded a Tufts Collaborates! Grant to develop better methods to measure yeast adhesion with Jeff Guasto in Mechanical Engineering.

Welcome Ben Demers and Angie Utomo – our Army HSAP and URAP students. Ben and Angie are working on the genetic instability of DNA sequences that encode biopolymers such as silk and bioadhesives.

Congrats to Dr. Mike Babokhov – the first Fuchs lab Ph.D. We expect to see many great things in the future from your research in the Maeshima lab.

We have three new papers available as preprints from BioRxiv and ChemRxiv. Check them out!

  1. Microfluidic Quantification of Yeast Surface Adhesion
  2. Saccharomyces cerevisiae H2A copies differentially contribute to recombination and CAG/CTG repeat maintenance, with a role for H2A.1 threonine 126
  3. Tandem repeats drive variation of intrinsically disordered regions in budding yeast

Mike’s paper came out in G3 – super cool work looking at repeat specific functions for the RNA polymerase II CTD: Babokhov et al. 2018. Several amazing undergrads graduated. Congratulations to Jess, Nihaarika, Kevin and Daniel! So excited to see all the great things you guys do next!


Ish’s paper on density separation of aging yeast was accepted at Biotechniques. Thanks to the Mace lab!


Taylor won a best poster award at the Protein Society Symposium in Montreal Canada. Congrats Taylor!

We welcomed two REU students for the summer – Daniel Ortiz (Tufts) and Ashleigh Gibula (U. Maine). They will be working with Kristina on the role of chromatin in planaria regeneration.

Congratulations to Alie Exner, M.S., Kevin Meli, Yotam Bentov for completing your degrees!