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The Fuchs lab provides a highly interdisciplinary environment for the study of questions surrounding how protein sequence and structure – and in particular post-translational modifications of proteins – regulate protein function. We therefore have diverse opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs in areas from molecular biology and yeast genetics, to biophysics and synthetic chemistry. If you have any questions about the work going on in our lab or openings in my lab, please feel free to contact me.

Graduate Students

My lab studies a broad spectrum of biological phenomena related to protein structure and function. These include – the role of post-translational modifications in regulating chromatin architecture, post-translational regulation of scaffold proteins, regulation of repetitive protein domains – among others. Our primary model system is the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae but we are interested in problems from diverse organisms.

My lab is also actively interested in the development of new technologies for the study of complex biological problems. Using tools from synthetic chemistry to protein engineering we are developing platforms for high-throughput analysis of protein-protein interactions, as well as, tags for the in vivo visualization and extraction of specific molecular structures from cells.

I am looking for graduate students that are adaptable, creative, and willing to tackle complex biological problems. The Graduate Program at Tufts University is relatively small and competitive. We strive to find students who will contribute to the diverse research culture of the department who also fit particularly well with the research program of particular mentors. As such, if you have interest in my research program, I encourage you to contact me well in advance of the graduate application deadline. If you have additional questions about applying to our program, please contact Eileen Magnant, the departmental secretary who coordinates applications, for details about applying.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdocs interested in furthering their research training in my laboratory should meet four criteria:

  1. They should have an independent research problem/area they are interested in studying that is related to, but distinct from, the projects currently being pursued in my laboratory
  2. They should be able to make a clear argument as to why they need additional training and why my laboratory is the appropriate environment for that training.
  3. They should have an interest in training and mentoring - as they will likely be asked to work with undergraduate students or novice graduate students.
  4. They should be willing and interested in trying to secure individual funding from both private and public sources.


Positions for undergraduate students are limited and very competitive. If you are an undergraduate looking for research experience, I encourage you to contact me about potential positions at least one semester prior to starting research. When contacting me, please provide me with information about your academic record, your prior research experience (if any), your reasons for wanting to gain research experience, and the aspect(s) of my research you find most interesting. Underclassmen are generally preferred, providing that they are interested in a several semester commitment.

Visiting Scientists and Summer Students from Other Institutions

Innovation thrives on the diverse ideas and experiences of the researchers participating in a project. In the Fuchs lab we welcome diverse individuals – from international undergraduate students visiting for the summer to established faculty interested in sabbatical work. Undergraduate students from other institutions interested in working in the lab are encouraged to contact Dr. Fuchs in preceding fall semester and to look for potential sources of financial support. Tufts University does have an Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program that eligible students are encouraged to apply for. More information can be found here.