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Welcome to the Fuchs Lab. We are broadly interested in understanding relationships between protein structure and protein function. Currently we are investigating a number of novel mechanisms used by organisms to regulate protein function that include post-translational modification of amino acid sidechains and genetic variation in repetitive elements. Work in our lab is at the interface of Chemistry, Biology, Engineering and Music. Learn more.

Recent News

  • We were awarded a Tufts Collaborates! Grant to develop better methods to measure yeast adhesion with Jeff Guasto in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Welcome Ben Demers and Angie Utomo – our Army HSAP and URAP students. Ben and Angie are working on the genetic instability of DNA sequences that encode biopolymers such as silk and bioadhesives.
  • Congrats to Dr. Mike Babokhov – the first Fuchs lab Ph.D. We expect to see many great things in the future from your research in the Maeshima lab.

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