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Past Lab Members

Nooria Al-Wathiqui
Graduate Student
I am interested in the role of sexual selection in the formation of new species. My current project in the Dopman lab explores the European corn borer male pheromone and the role it plays in reproductive isolation between the two ECB strains. When I'm not in the lab, I'm at home with my cats Domo and Baby.
Robert Burns
Graduate Student
Research interests: processes of speciation, specifically maintenance of reproductive isolating barriers. I am currently exploring post-mating, pre-zygotic barriers between Z and E pheromone strains of the European corn borer. I am happiest while hunting, fishing, or portaging.
Shoshanna Kahne
Undergraduate Student
My current research project is related to mapping the genetic basis of a temporal reproductive barrier. I use next-generation sequencing technologies and comparative genomics to develop markers for fine mapping the region controlling variation in postdiapause development time. This work offers a rare opportunity to study the evolution of a potential "speciation gene".
Max Leiserson
Undergraduate - senior
I am a senior computer science major working in the lab on producing coherent assemblies from various next-gen sequencing technologies, as well as identifying gene targets for future wet lab projects. My main research interests are genomics, pathology, and of course, mechanisms and characteristics of evolution! I happen to be the (current) main editor of the Proteopedia page on Aquaporin-4, so check it out if you get a chance!
Becca Levy
Graduate Student
I am interested in speciation and the microevolutionary processes by which reproductive isolation evolves. My current project examines whether temporal isolation might have evolved due to selection along a latitudinal clinal gradient.
Xinnan Li
Undergraduate - sophomore
As an undergrad in this lab, I am interested in learning everything about genetics and I am currently working on the ECB genetic mapping project with other people in the lab. An interesting fact? I come to Boston mainly because I want a winter with snow.
Roger Lu
Undergraduate - junior
My general research interests are ecology and molecular biology. My current project involves the understanding of the female European corn borer moth's behavioral responses to male pheromone. An interesting fact about me is that... I really cannot think of a fact.
Jessie Martin
Graduate Student
I study the genetic basis of reproductive isolation and speciation. I am currently investigating the relationship between genetic differentiation and reproductive isolation at known "barrier" genes. My current project focuses on the pgFAR gene, which is responsible for the different pheromone blends produced by the two strains of moths.
Jessica Oh
Undergraduate - senior
My research interests range from environmental conservation to the evolutionary significance of different animal behavior and physiology. I am currently working on the genetic basis of voltinism in the European corn borer moth. I am also secretly an old lady – baking and knitting are my two favorite hobbies.
Gabriel Spieler
Undergraduate Student
My research is on the relationship between genetic differentiation and reproductive isolation between sympatric species.
Crista B. Wadsworth
Graduate Student
My current research studies the genetic and physiological basis of seasonality. Alteration of seasonal timing contributes to a rapid change of life-history and speciation, yet little is known the evolution of this trait. For my research I am using two strains of ECB that differ in the seasonal timing of generations.
Jessica Walden-Gray
Lab Technician
I am a research technician in the Dopman Lab. I'm interested in the evolution of insect life histories and chemical ecology. My ideal day starts with a long trail run and ends with a big bowl of homemade chili.
Melissa White
Undergraduate Student
Molecular basis for postmating-prezygotic isolation between ECB strains.
Peter Yeh
Undergraduate - senior
I'm interested in a broad range of topics in evolutionary biology, addressing how and why diversity occurs. I'm currently working on a project, studying both the ECB's phenotypic variation, and its genetic basis, that may contribute to reproductive barriers, leading to speciation. In elementary school, I fell while jumping on the bed, and had to get stitches on my head.