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Current Lab Members

Gabriel Golczer, Graduate Student
I am interested in processes of speciation, specifically speciation with gene flow and/or in sympatry. My current project in the lab is testing for genetic isolation by reproductive time between populations that differ in dormancy timing using large genetic data sets (Sequenom Assays) from different wild populations. I like to use different computational tools in order to analyze those data sets, specially using R. When not in the lab, I like to watch Sci-fi or Fantasy movies or TV shows.
Henry Kunerth, Graduate Student, Cornell University
My research focuses on the process of speciation, specifically the contribution of multiple barriers to gene exchange between hybridizing populations, as well as the effect of major changes in genomic architecture to speciation dynamics. My current project focuses on populations of European Corn Borer, Ostrinia nubilalis, a moth which communicates via two distinct pheromone channels in North America and Europe. My research utilizes next generation sequencing techniques to explore in detail genomic regions which contribute to reproductive isolation and aims to understand the underlying genes and selective histories.
Genevieve Kozak, Postdoctoral Researcher
My research focuses on how reproductive isolating barriers evolve and lead to the formation of new species. I study how isolation originates between populations within a species as a result of natural selection, and then compare patterns of isolation arising within species to those that exist between species. I am currently working on identifying the genes that contribute to post-diapause development time between strains of European corn borers and measuring the fitness effects of causal genes on temporal isolation in both the lab and field.
Smriti Anand, OCMS Student
Research interests forthcoming.
Hannah Norowitz, Undergraduate Student
Research interests forthcoming.
Yue Yu, Graduate Student
I am interested in comparatively studying the genetic basis of parallel evolution, specifically in seasonal timing, in the European corn borer and its close relative, Asian corn borer. I would like to incorporate state-of-the-art molecular techniques such as next-generation sequencing and CRISPR/Cas9