Ailene Ettinger, 2015-2018—NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
David Iles, 2017—Post-Doctoral Investigator, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Norah Warchola, 2015—2017, Lecturer, Tufts University
Leone Brown, 2013-2015—Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut
Josh Rapp, 2011-2015—Bullard Fellow, Harvard Forest
Rui Zhang, 2011-2012—Business Analyst, Google
Greg Breed, 2011-2012—Associate Professor, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Jedediah Brodie, 2009-2010—John J. Craighead Endowed Chair of Conservation, University of Montana
Jennifer Williams, 2008—Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia
Mark Buckley, 2005-2006—Senior Economist, ECONorthwest
Eliot McIntire, 2004-2006—Research Scientist, Canadian Forest Service

Graduate Students
Natalie Kerr, Ph.D. 2019
Michal Bogdziewicz, Ph.D. 2016—Assistant Professor, Adam Mickiewicz University, Institute of Environmental Biology
Martha Ellis, Ph.D. 2013—Biometrician, Rocky Mountain Research Station
Julie Beston, Ph.D. 2010—Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Stout
Jennifer Gremer, Ph.D. 2010—Assistant Professor, University of California Davis
Rebecca McCaffery, Ph.D. 2010—Research scientist USGS Biological Survey Olympic Peninsula
Kimberly Crider, Ph.D. 2009—Klamath National Forest, resource manager
Rafał Zwolak, Ph.D. 2008—Adam Mickiewiscz University, assistant professor
Tonya Chilton, M.Sc., 2006
Robyn Irvine, Ph.D. 2004—Poisson Consulting Ltd., co-founder/owner
Kerry Moffatt, M. Sc. 2003
Norah Saona, M.S. 2002

Undergraduate students (* denotes completed honors thesis)
Lauren Redosh, B.Sc. Tufts University, 2016*
Nick Dorian, B.Sc. Tufts University, 2016*
Josh Nowak, B.S. University of Montana, 2007*
Alexis Jones, B.S. University of Montana, 2007*
Brian Laub, B.S. University of Montana, 2004*
Karilynn Sweet, B.Sc. University of Calgary, 2001*
Claire Solohub, B.Sc. University of Calgary, 2001*
Janet Summerscales, B.Sc. University of Calgary, 2000*
Hajnalka Pinter, B.Sc. University of Calgary, 1999*
Sheri Bouchard, B.Sc. University of Calgary, 1999*
Scott Jones, B.Sc. University of Calgary, 1999

REU Students
Alice Kazberouk, 2016
Michelle Santana, 2015
Eliot Kemper, 2015
Haley Coffman, 2014
Kelsey McKenna, 2012
Casey Mangnall, 2012
Aubrie James, 2012
Dash Donnelly, 2011
Desiree Oyola, 2010
Elizabeth Miller, 2006
Glendaly Torres, 2005
Ray Yurkewiscz, 2004
Felix Nex, 2003
Lydia Molina, 2003

Eveliina Kallioniemi, Ph.D. Student, University of East Anglia
Zia Maumenee, ArcIMS Programmer, University of Montana
Elizabeth Miller, Ph.D. Student, Michigan State University
Emily Peters, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Minnesota
Leo Polansky, Postdoctoral Researcher, Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology
Jalene LaMontagne, Assistant Professor, DePaul University
Brynn Bellingham, GCS Research, Missoula MT
Xianfeng Yi, Professor, College of Life Sciences, Jiangxi Normal University

Lab Managers
Kelly Demolles, 2016
Becky Fuda, 2015-2016
Emma Sass, 2013-2014
Dash Donnelly, 2011-2013
Keala Cummings, 2011-2012

NOTE: If you are a former Cronie and our current listing for you is not correct, please let us know!