Recent events

May 2019

  • Natalie Kerr has successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations, Nat!
  • James Michielini has successfully defended his senior honors thesis. Congratulations, James!

March 2019

  • Elizabeth has been recognized by Representative Ayanna Pressley for receiving NSF funding to investigate the rapid decline in western monarchs.

December 2018

September 2018

  • Atticus Murphy has joined the lab as a Ph.D.

January 2018

  • Genevieve Pugesek passed her qualifying exam, yay!
  • Rachel Bonoan has joined the lab as a Post Doc.
  • Nick Dorian starts his PhD in the Crone lab.
  • June Arriens has joined the lab as a Post Bacc.

October 2017

  • Robert Bosso has joined the lab as the new Lab Manager
  • Lee Browne and Norah Warchola have re-joined the lab as a Research Associates
  • Xianfeng Yi has joined the lab as a Visiting Scholar.

September 2017

  • Elizabeth was inducted into the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters.

Previous Events

  • Ph.D. candidate Natalie Kerr passed her qualifying exam, congrats!
  • Undergraduate Lauren Redosh co-authors a paper on mouse population cycles published in Ecology and Evolution
  • Finnish Ph.D. student Kirsi Alahuhta visits lab for two weeks in October 2016
  • Ph.D. student MichaƂ Bogdziewicz's paper on the effects of nitrogen on masting in red oaks is published in Journal of Ecology
  • Elizabeth and collaborators Lee Brown and Cheryl Schultz win a SERDP award to study butterfly population dynamics and conservation
  • Former undergraduate Nick Dorian wins best poster at SCCS-NY 2016
  • Elizabeth gives a talk at a BIRS theoretical ecology workshop titled, "Combining models and data to set guidelines for butterfly conservation"
  • Postdoc Norah Warchola begins teaching classes at Tufts University as a part-time instructor
  • Ph.D. student Natalie Kerr attends EVODEMO conference in Washington D.C. and presents a poster on her work with optimal body size in bumble bee workers
  • Nick Dorian and Lauren Redosh both successfully defend their undergraduate honors theses
  • Ph.D. student Genevieve Pugesek and another Tufts Biology graduate student win a Wendy and Neil Sandler International Research Program grant to conduct research on pollinators on coffee farms in Costa Rica
  • Elizabeth and collaborator Neal Williams' paper on modeling bumble bee population dynamics is published in Ecology Letters