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Graduate Program

Life as a Biology Graduate Student

The Tufts Biology Department is located in two buildings, Robinson Hall in the newly opened Science and Engineering Complex and the renovated research laboratories on the second and fourth floors of 200 Boston Avenue.


The beautiful Tufts Medford campus has a historic New England feel, mixed in with state-of-the art research facilities, a sports and fitness center, and campus gathering places, including the newly renovated graduate student lounge.

The Biology Department prides itself on being a cohesive and friendly group. Our graduate students are an integral and important part of the department, and the faculty and students work together to create an intellectually stimulating and fun environment.

Biology Union of Graduate Students (BUGS)

BUGS promotes social and intellectual activities for graduate students in the Biology department; and serves as a liaison between graduate students and Biology faculty to address departmental matters. We have ongoing events and meetings throughout the year, come check them out! BUGS website >

Tufts Graduate Student Council

All graduate students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering are represented by the Tufts Graduate Student Council. The council organizes various social and academic events that enhance the graduate student experience. They have two graduate student only dedicated spaces which are available to all graduate students 24/7. They also represent the graduate student body to faculty and administrators to influence policies and practices that affect graduate students. Get involved and meet graduate students from other disciplines!

Living In and Around Medford

The Tufts Biology Department is located in a residential area with many restaurants and great access to the Boston subway and bus system. Many students share houses within walking or biking distance to the Tufts campus. Find roommates through the new Tufts GSAS graduate student wiki forum. Students especially enjoy the restaurants, shopping and nightlife of Davis, Porter, and Harvard Squares. Downtown Boston with all its offerings is a short 20-30 min ride away on the T. See more tips on life at Tufts on the BUGS website or the Graduate School website.

We are surrounded by other institutions and companies also engaged in cutting-edge biological research, and our students benefit from interactions and collaborations with their scientists through local meetings and discussion groups. The Boston Graduate Leadership Organization serves to organize events that bring together graduate students from all around the Boston area, facilitating networking and potential collaboration connections. Due to the large number of universities and start-up companies, Boston has one of the highest proportions of young adults of any major US city, with more than a third of the population between the ages of 24-30.