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Graduate Program: Research Areas

Concentration in Physiology, Neurobiology and Biomechanics

Faculty advisor for this concentration: Barry Trimmer - 200 Boston Ave., Ste, 2600

Required courses during the first two years of a Ph.D. track:

  • Year 1: Two research Rotations (PhD students only, 1 rotation per semester); research rotations are registered as courses (Bio 253) – they are generally done with faculty in the Biology Department, but mentors outside the department can also be enlisted.
  • Year 1: (or first year that you are a teaching assistant): All students that are Teaching assistants are required to take Pedagogy (Bio260)
  • Year 1 or 2: Either Seminar in Evolutionary Ecology (Bio 244) or Seminar in Physiology, Neurobiology and Biomechanics (Bio245 – currently in development) (offered in alternate years)
  • Year 2: Thesis Research (Bio295/296)

Optional Courses:

Biology Department Courses Courses in Other Departments
Developmental Biology (Bio103) Artificial Intelligence (Comp sci 131)
Endocrinology (Bio110) Brain and Behavior (Psych 103)
General Physiology (Bio115) Psychopharmacology (Psych 123)
Biomechanics (Bio116) Behavioral Endocrinology (Psych 127)
Biophysics (Bio119) Cognitive Neuroscience (Psych 129)
Animal Behavior (Bio 130) Biopsychology (Psych 231)
Biostatistics (Bio132) Philosophy of Mind (Philos 117)
Neurobiology (Bio134) Mathematical Modeling and Computation (Math 87)
The Mammalian CNS (Bio187) Advanced Special Topics (Math 150)
Seminar in Field Endocrinology (Bio # to be determined)
Seminar in Advanced Neuroscience (Bio # to be determined)
Special topics courses (Bio 195/196)
Science Communication (Bio 262)
Special Topics (Bio 293/294)

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