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Graduate Program: Research Areas

Concentration in Genetics and Molecular Biology

Faculty advisor for this concentration: Catherine Freudenreich - 200 Boston Ave., Suite 4700

Suggested courses during the first two years of a Ph.D. track (* required course)

  • Year 1:
    • Bio 253, 254: Research rotation projects* (fall and spring)
    • Bio 260: Teaching Biology, Pedagogy and Practice* (fall course required for first year TAs)
    • Bio 190: DNA: Structure to Function* (fall course in 2017, spring course starting in 2018-2019 academic year)
    • Upper level lecture or seminar course as recommended (e.g. Molecular Biology (Bio 105), Seminar in Molecular Biology and Genetics (Bio 188), or Seminar in Molecular Evolution (196))
  • Year 2:
    • Bio 243: Graduate Seminar in Molecular and Cellular Biology* (required course recommended for fall of second year)
    • Bio 293, 294: Special Topics* (Laboratory research, Experimental design)
    • Bio 291: Graduate research seminar in Molecular and Developmental Biology (ungraded S/U; research seminar presentations)
    • Upper level seminar course as recommended
Biology Department Courses Courses in Other Departments
Developmental Biology (Bio 103) Principles of Medical Imaging (Bio 131)
Immunology (Bio 104) Molecular Biotechnology (Bio 162)
Molecular Biology (Bio 105) Recombinant DNA Techniques (Bio 163)
Microbiology (Bio 106) Biotechnology Processing Projects Lab (Bio 168)
Biostatistics (Bio 132) Seminar in Biotechnology (Bio 169)
Ecological Statistics and Data w/ Lab (Bio 133) Biochemistry I and II (Bio 171 & 172)
Neurobiology (Bio 134) Biomaterials And Tissue Engineering (Bio 174)
Biochemistry and Cellular Metabolism (Bio 152)  
Seminar in Immunology (Bio 178)  
Food For All: Ecology, Biotechnology & Sustainability (Bio 185)  
Seminar in Molecular Biology and Genetics (Bio 188)  
*DNA: Structure to Function (Bio 190)  
R for Biologists (Bio 196)  
Seminar in Molecular Evolution (Bio 196)  
*Graduate Seminar in Molecular and Cellular Biology (Bio 243)  
Science Communication (Bio 262)  

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