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Graduate Program

Recent Graduates

CLASS OF 2017    

Stephanie Bassi, MS

Theresa Farrell, MS

Amanda Franklin, PhD
"Visual signaling, chemical cues
and camouflage in a stomatopod crustacean"

Sarah Gilliand, ThMS
"The potential impacts of climate change on the behavior of the hermit crab Pagurus longicarpus"

Kelsey Graham, PhD
"Estimating the impact of the European wool-carder bee, Anthidium manicatum, in North America"

Andrea Hermann, MS

Varandt Khodaverdian, PhD
"On the role of translesion
synthesis polymerase Rev1 in homologous recombination and
DNA damage tolerance"

Qingqian Liu, MS

Clare Parker Fischer, PhD
"How do wild birds adjust to captivity: Impacts on stress physiology and behavior"

Julia Pilowsky, ThMS
"The behavioral ecology of a wasp invasion"

Emily Pitcairn, PhD
"Bioelectric regulation of embryonic pattern formation in Xenopus

Prapti Pokharel, MS
CLASS OF 2016    

Nooria Al-Wathiqui, PhD
"Postcopulatory reproductive processes: The role of female and male reproductive genes and proteins in speciation and sexual selection"

Kelly Beagan, PhD

"The mechanism of Pol Theta-mediated DNA repair and its use throughout the genome during development in Drosophila melanogaster"

Crista Burke-Wadsworth, PhD

"The Mechanisms and Consequences of Evolution in Phenology"

Robert Burns, PhD
"The control of metamorphosis in the pollution-indicating polychaete Capitella teleta"

Emmanuel Dike-Udensi, MS

Alexandra Exner, ThMS
"The advantage of instability in maintaining function within the repetitive CTD of RNA Polymerase II"

Michael McDonough, MS

Jennifer Mortensen, PhD
"Multifaceted characterization of extinction risk in the endangered, cooperatively breeding White-breasted Thrasher (Ramphocinclus brachyurus)"

Jennifer Nguyen, PhD
"Roles of the Srs2 helicase and the Ctf18 clamp loader in replication of structure-forming CAG repeats in S. cerevisiae"

Brendan Nichols, MS

Michaela Snead, MS

Xiaofeng (Allen)  Su, PhD
"Replication-coupled relocation to the nuclear pore complex and transcription-coupled R-loop formation influence expanded CAG repeat fragility and instability"

Saosan Suhrawardy, MS

Alex Wurzel, MS
CLASS OF 2015    

Casey Diederich, PhD
Living on the edge: tolerance to environmental stressors and reproductive dynamics of the gastropod Crepidula fornicata across the intertidal-subtidal boundary

Maegan Hoover, MS

Allison Levine, MS

Rebecca Levy, ThMS
"Circadian clock genes and temporal reproductive isolation in the European corn borer"

Abigail Liebow, MS

Maria Lobikin, PhD
"The bioelectric control of metastatic processes during morphogenesis in Xenopus laevis"

Kayla Mackey, MS

Jessica Martin, ThMS
"Genetic differentiation around the locus for a reproductive isolating barrier"

Shaun Moore, MS

Kasey Rodgers, ThMS
"Characterizing a role for PIF1 in Drosophilia melanogaster DNA metabolism"
CLASS OF 2014    

Carolyn Bauer, PhD
"Maternal effects of stress in the degu (Octodon degus)"

Kelly Boisvert, MS
"Why is the eastern white slippersnail (Crepidula plana) not an invasive species in Europe?"

Brook Chernet, PhD
"Bioelecteric Detection and Control of Tumor Growth in Xenopus laevis"

Katherine Collins, MS

Christine Lattin, PhD
"Beyond plasma hormones: Investigations upstream and downstream of circulating corticosterone"

Anne Madden, PhD
"Vespid Microbiology: Characterizations and Implications of Paper Wasp Microorganisms Across Levels of Biological Organization"

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