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Faculty & Research

Susan Koegel
Cell Biology and Immunology

Publications (Maiden name: SE Levin)

Au-Yeung BB, Levin SE, Zhang C, Hsu LY, Cheng DA, Killeen N, Shokat KM, Weiss A. (2010) A genetically selective inhibitor demonstrates a function for the kinase Zap70 in regulatory T cells independent of its catalytic activity. Nature Immunology. 11: 1085-92.

Au-Yeung BB, Deindl S, Hsu L, Palacios E, Levin SE, Kuriyan J, Weiss A. (2009) The structure, regulation and function of ZAP-70.  Immunological Reviews. 228: 41-57.

Levin SE and Weiss A. (2009) Non-receptor tyrosine kinases in T cell antigen receptor function. In R. Bradshaw and E. Dennis, (eds). Handbook of Cell Signaling, Elsevier. 2nd ed.

Levin SE, Zhang C, Kadlecek T, Shokat K, and Weiss A. (2008) Inhibition of ZAP-70 kinase activity via an analog-sensitive allele blocks T cell receptor and CD28 superagonist signaling. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 283 (22): 15419-30. 

Levin SE and Weiss A. (2005) Twisting tails exposed: the evidence for TCR conformational change. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 201(4):489-92.

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