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Faculty & Research

Mimi H. Kao
Assistant Professor
Neural basis of vocal communication


Variability in action: contributions of a songbird cortical–basal ganglia circuit to vocal motor learning and control. (Review) Woolley SC and Kao MH. Neuroscience 296: 39-47. (2015)

Temporal sequences of spikes during practice code for time in a complex motor sequence. Palmer SE, Kao MH, and Doupe AJ. arXiv preprint arXiv: 1404.0655. (2014)

Task-related "cortical" bursting depends critically on basal ganglia input and is linked to vocal plasticity. Kojima S*, Kao MH, and Doupe AJ. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 110: 4756-4761. (2013)

Neurons in a forebrain nucleus required for vocal plasticity rapidly switch between precise firing and variable bursting depending on social context. Kao MH, Wright BD, and Doupe AJ. Journal of Neuroscience 28: 13232-13247. (2008)
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Lesions of an avian basal ganglia circuit prevent context-dependent changes to song variability. Kao MH and Brainard MS. Journal of Neurophysiology 96: 1441–1455. (2006)

Contributions of an avian basal ganglia–forebrain circuit to real-time modulation of vocal motor output. Kao MH, Doupe AJ, and Brainard MS. Nature 433: 638–643. (2005)

Stress and dominance in a social fish. Fox HE, White SA, Kao MH, and Fernald RD. Journal of Neuroscience 17: 6463-6469. (1997)

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