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Faculty & Research

Full-time Faculty

Sergei Mirkin, Professor, Department Chair, White Family Chair in Biology: Genetics and Molecular Biology

Harry Bernheim, Associate Professor, Department Vice Chair: Human Physiology and Immunology*
Elizabeth Crone, Professor: Population ecology and dynamics
Erik B. Dopman, Associate Professor: Evolution and Genetics of Natural Populations
George S. Ellmore, Associate Professor: Experimental Plant Anatomy and Morphology*
Catherine H. Freudenreich, Professor: Genome Stability in Yeast, Director of Graduate Studies
Stephen M. Fuchs, Assistant Professor: Chemical Biology and Molecular Biology
Juliet A. Fuhrman, Associate Professor: Immunology and Infectious Disease*
Julia Svoboda Gouvea, Assistant Professor of Biology Education#
Mimi H. Kao, Assistant Professor: Neurobiology and Behavior
Susan Koegel, Senior Lecturer: Cell Biology and Immunology*
Sara M. Lewis, Professor: Evolutionary and Behavioral Ecology*
Michael Levin, Vannevar Bush Professor, Director of Allen Discovery Center at Tufts, Director of Tufts Center
 for Regenerative and Developmental Biology: Morphological and behavioral information processing in
 living systems
Zarin Machanda, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Kelly McLaughlin, Associate Professor: Molecular Development (Organogenesis)
Mitch McVey, Professor: Molecular biology, genomic instability
Ekaterina "Kate" Mirkin, Lecturer: Genetics*
Colin M. Orians, Professor: Plant Ecology and Plant-Herbivore Interactions
Jan A. Pechenik, Professor: Marine Biology and Invertebrate Development
J. Michael Reed, Professor: Conservation Biology
L. Michael Romero, Professor: Physiology and Neuroendocrinology of Stress in Vertebrate
Philip Starks, Associate Professor: Behavioral Ecology
Barry A. Trimmer, Professor, Henry Bromfield Pearson Professor of Natural Sciences: Neurobiology,
 Neuromechanics, and Biorobotics
Eric D. Tytell, Assistant Professor: Biomechanics and Neural Control of Locomotion
Norah Warchola, Lecturer: Ecology and Evolution*
Benjamin Wolfe, Eileen Fox Aptman and Lowell Aptman Assistant Professor: Ecology and evolution of microbial communities

* indicates faculty members who are not currently accepting graduate students
# takes graduate students from the Department of Education

Emeritus Faculty

Susan G. Ernst, Ph.D., Professor of Biology Emerita (1979-2017)
June Aprille, Ph.D., Professor of Biology Emerita (1977-2011)
Frances Sze-Ling Chew, Professor of Biology Emerita (1975-2016)
David E. Cochrane, Professor of Biology Emeritus (1976-2014)
Benjamin Dane, Ph.D., Professor of Biology Emeritus (1966-2002)
Mary Ella Feinleib, Ph.D., Professor of Biology Emerita (1965-1997)
Ross S. Feldberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology Emeritus (1975-2007)
Michelle Gaudette, Ph.D., Lecturer Emerita in Biology (1994-2015)
Nancy Stafford Milburn, Ph.D., Professor of Biology Emerita (1958-1998)
Eli Charles Siegel, Ph.D., Professor of Biology Emeritus (1968-2010)
Saul Abraham Slapikoff, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology and American Studies Emeritus (1966-1998)