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Fall 2019 Courses

Course times and locations (on SIS)

Important: Please note the following changes to the schedule of course offerings in Biology.

Course # Course Title and Syllabus Instructor
Undergraduate Courses
Bio 001 Environmental Preservation & Improvement Seminar Geroge Ellmore
Bio 004 Gross Anatomy Elizabeth R. Whitney
Monica A. Pessina
Stephen Sarikas
Bio 008 Microbiology of Food Benjamin Wolfe
Bio 009 Physiology Paul C. Leavis
Bio 010 Plants and Humanity George Ellmore
Bio 011 Kinesiology Jessica Harney
Bio 012 Evolution in Our World Erik B. Dopman
Jan Pechenik
Bio 013 Cells & Organisms (with lab) TBD
Ekaterina Mirkin
Bio 049 Experiments in Physiology (A & B) Eric Tytell
Mimi Kao
Barry Trimmer
Bio 050 Experiments in Molecular Biology (A & B) Juliet Fuhrman
Bio 051 Experiments in Ecology (A & B) George S. Ellmore
Philip T. B. Starks
Jan Pechenik
Bio 055 Microbiome Research Lab Benjamin Wolfe
Bio 093 Introduction to Research Norah Warchola
Graduate and Undergraduate Courses
Bio 103 Developmental Biology Kelly M. McLaughlin
Bio 105 Molecular Biology Mitch McVey
Bio 110 Endocrinology Michael Romero
Bio 115 General Physiology I TBD
Bio 121 Mathematical Neuroscience  Christoph Borgers
Bio 132 Biostatistics Sara Lewis
Bio 144 Principles of Conservation Biology Michael Reed
Bio 172 Biochemistry II Diren Pamuk Turner
Bio 181 Tropical Ecology Conservation Colin Orians
Bio 182 Chimpanzee Behavioral Ecology Zarin Machanda
Bio 183 Darwinian Medicine Seminar Phillip Starks
Bio 193 Independent Research Norah Warchola
Bio 196-01 Selected Topics: Teaching Biology: Pedagogy and Practice Kelly M. McLaughlin
Mitch McVey
Bio 196-08 Selected Topics: Research in Devel. Plasticity Michael Levin
Bio 199 Senior Honor Thesis (A & B) Ekaterina Mirkin
Graduate Courses only
Bio 200-01 Lab Meeting: Biological Pattern Regulation Michael Levin
Bio 200-02 Lab Meeting: Development and Repair Kelly M. McLaughlin
Bio 200-03 Lab Meeting: Eukaryotic DNA Repair Mitch McVey
Bio 200-04 Lab Meeting: Genome Instability in Yeast Catherine Freudenreich
Bio 200-05 Lab Meeting: Neuromech & Biomimetic Devices Barry Trimmer
Bio 200-06 Lab Meeting: Conservation Endocrinology J. Michael Reed
L Michael Romero
Bio 200-07 Lab Meeting: Protein Regulation Stephen Fuchs
Bio 200-08 Lab Meeting: Organisms and Populations Julia Svoboda Gouvea
Bio 200-09 Lab Meeting: Marine Biology Jan Pechenik
Bio 200-10 Lab Meeting: Behavioral Evolution Ecology Phillip T. B. Starks
Sara M. Lewis
Bio 200-11 Lab Meeting: Neuromechanics of Loco. Fishes Eric Tytell
Bio 200-12 Lab Meeting: Plant & Animal Interactions Colin Orians
Elizabeth E. Crone
Bio 200-13 Lab Meeting: Ecol. & Evolution Microbiomes Benjamin Wolfe
Bio 200-14 Lab Meeting: Neural Circuits Sensorimotor Mimi H. F. Kao
Bio 243 Topics in Molecular and Cellular Biology Stephen Fuchs
Bio 253 Graduate Student Research Rotation Eric Tytell
Bio 257 Graduate Research and Experimental Design (2nd year) Eric Tytell
Bio 260 Teaching Biology: Pedagogy and Practice Kelly M. McLaughlin
Mitch McVey
Ekaterina Mirkin
Bio 291 Graduate Seminar in Molecular and Developmental Biology (A & B) Catherine Freudenreich
Bio 293-01 Special Topics Various faculty
Bio 293-02 Special Topics: Field Ornithology Michael Reed
Bio 295 Master's Thesis Eric Tytell
Bio 297 Ph.D. Dissertation Eric Tytell
Bio 401 Masters Degree Cont (Part Time) Eric Tytell
Bio 402 Masters Degree Cont (Full Time) Eric Tytell
Bio 405 Graduate Teaching Assistantship Eric Tytell
Bio 406 Graduate Research Assistantship Eric Tytell
Bio 501 Doctoral Degree Cont (Part Time) Eric Tytell
Bio 502 Doctoral Degree Cont (Full Time) Eric Tytell