Secondary Literature Sources Bio14

Selected Reviews and Edited Volumes

You can connect to databases whose titles are linked. Unlinked titles are found in Tisch Book Stacks.

Additional secondary literature sources can be found by searching the Tufts Online Catalog.

Annual review of ecology, evolution and systematics
  • Tisch Book Stacks QH540.A53
  • Critical reviews of the primary literature and current developments in ecology and biology.

Annual review of entomology

  • Tisch Book Stacks SB931.A5
  • Critical reviews in the zoology of insects and their environments

Annual review of genetics

  • Tisch Book Stacks QH431.A1 A54
  • Critical reviews in genetics.
Annual review of microbiology
  • Tisch Book Stacks QR1.A5
  • Critical reviews in microbiology.

Annual review of physiology

  • Tisch Book Stacks QPl.A6
  • Critical reviews in physiology

Annual review of plant biology (formerly known as Annual review of plant physiology and plant molecular biology)

  • Tisch Book Stacks QK1.A48
  • Critical reviews in plant physiology and molecular biology.
Biological Reviews
  • Monographic series.
  • Tisch Bound Periodicals QH301.C243
  • Biology Reading Room - Barnum.
  • Reviews in biology.

Popular Science Periodicals Journals exploring all areas of science focusing on general audiences. These are good sources to begin researching a topic.

Discover (1982 - present)

Natural History (1923 - present)

  • Tisch Bound Periodicals QH1.N13, 1923-2004
  • Current issues at Tisch Current Periodicals.
  • Electronic access via Academic One File, 1997 - current.

Science News (1966 - 2007)

  • Tisch Bound Periodicals Q1.S76, 1966-2003
  • Current issues at Tisch Current Periodicals.

Scientific American (1848 - present)

Tisch Oversize Periodicals T1.S5 - 1848-2004

Current issues at Tisch Current Periodicals online.

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