Library Paper Bio14

Once you have located and read the materials, you are ready to write a three page paper that synthesizes the information that you found.  Before you write your paper consult the handout entitled How to Write a Library Research Paper.  You must cite at least six sources: two sources from the primary literature, two sources from the secondary literature and two web resources.  Each source should relate directly to the topic you have selected.  The literature cited section should be in alphabetical order by the first author's last name; do not separately list the primary, secondary and web resources.  When you write your paper, be sure to correctly cite your sources.  Although there is no one way to format a Literature Cited section, scientists generally use this Name-Year citation format.   See the book by Pechenik that you purchased for further details.

Along with this worksheet, you will hand in a three-page typed paper that uses these sources. Your paper should focus explicitly on the question you asked. Don't just list what each source taught you. Rather, pull all the information together into one coherent overview of your topic.

Your paper must be clearly organized and demonstrate a command of the material you consulted. Furthermore, you must cite your sources in the body of your text and include a literature cited section at the end. You must cite at least two articles from the primary literature(these are articles that present original data), two secondary sources (books or review articles), and two Web sites.