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Research Laboratories

Current Facilities:

  • Advanced Integrated Circuits and Systems Laboratory
    The Advanced Integrated Circuits and Systems Laboratory directed by Professor Valencia Joyner (Electrical & Computer Engineering) conducts research in the general area of high performance integrated circuits, with a particular focus on analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits that interface with photonic elements for imaging, sensing, and wireless communications.
  • Biomimetic Devices Laboratory
    The Biomimetic Devices Laboratory (BDL) is a Tufts University facility equipped for research and teaching in neuromechanics and robotics. Work in this laboratory specializes in using non-traditional animal models to develop new approaches to robot control and design. A key feature of the approach is that our machines are designed using biological principles rather than simply mimicking their performance.
  • Mechanics of Soft Materials Laboratory
    The Mechanics of Soft Materials Laboratory (MSML) contains mechanical testing equipment used to characterize a wide variety of soft materials. The MSML is home to collaborative research projects in the areas of Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering at Tufts University. Researchers in need of expertise in mechanical evaluation of soft materials are invited to contact the MSML.
  • Micro & Nano Fabrication Facility
    The Micro & Nano Fabrication Facility provides microfabrication and nanofabrication capabilities to the Tufts community for teaching and research. Some of the capabilities available to researchers at the facility include photolithography, various wet chemistries, sputtering of metal thin films, plasma etching and cleaning, dicing, wirebonding, and metrology. Persons interested in using the facility are encouraged to contact its director, Professor Robert White (Mechanical Engineering).
  • Nanoscale Integrated Sensors & Circuits Laboratory
    The Nanoscale Integrated Sensors & Circuits Laboratory (Nanolab) is an interdisciplinary research group at Tufts University. We conduct research in the area of high performance integrated circuits and systems for variety of applications. Our recent emphasis is on developing novel micro- and nano- systems for biomedical and life sciences application. We have close collaborations with researchers from various disciplines in natural sciences and engineering. Nanolab is equipped with state of the art resources for design, development, test and characterization of integrated devices and circuits in sub-micron CMOS and nanoscale technologies.
  • Tissue Engineering Resource Center
    The Tissue Engineering Resource Center is designed to advance fundamental and translational aspects of functional tissue engineering through scientific discovery, collaborations, training for investigators, and dissemination of scientific findings and new techniques to the tissue engineering community.  Our expertise and facilities are focused on research, problem solving and training for the biomedical community through an integrated systems approach to the challenges of functional tissue engineering.
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