Constitution of the

Arab Student Association at Tufts


Article I: Name

            Section I. The name of this organization shall be the Arab Students Association (henceforth referred to as ASA).


Article II: Purpose

            Section I. The ASA is a political and cultural student organization concerned with issues of the Middle East.

            It strives to disseminate as much information as it deems relevant for Tufts students to better

            understand all the nation-states and nations which make up the Arab World.

            Section II. The ASA attempts to inform and increase awareness of the political conflicts, social and

            economic developments, and cultural strains unique to the Arab World.


Article III: Membership

             Section I. Membership shall be open to any undergraduate member of the Tufts community who has paid

            the student activity fee. In addition, any graduate member of the Tufts community may join

            the group if he/she wishes.

             Section II. All actions of members of the ASA shall be in good faith and will not take away from the stated

            purpose of the ASA.


Article IV: Meetings

             Section I. Meetings will be held at the discretion of the Co-presidents.


Article V: Officers

             Section I. The officers of the ASA shall be the Co-Presidents, Vice President, Treasurer Secretary,

            Officer I and Officer II.

             Section II. Each of these offices shall be filled for the entire academic year.


Article VI: Duties of Officers

            Section I. Co-Presidents

                    a. Shall preside over all meetings.

                    b. Have the authority on behalf of the ASA when matter requires immediate attention.

            Section II. Vice President

                    a. Shall take over the responsibilities of the co-presidents in their absence.

                    b. Shall assist the co-presidents in carrying out his or her duties.

            Section III. Treasurer

                    a. Shall keep all financial records.

                    b. Shall take responsibility for the preparation of the ASA budget in consultation

                    with the co-presidents.

            Section IV. Secretary

                    a. Shall keep minutes of all meetings.

                    b. Shall inform all member of upcoming meetings and club activities.

            Section V. Officers I & II

                    a. Shall actively aid all other officers in their position.

                    b. Shall advocate the long-term interests of the ASA.

                    c. Must be familiar with the budget and the Treasury procedure manual.


Article VII: Elections

            Section I. Elections for officer positions (except officers I&II) will be held during the last

            full month of the spring semester.

            Section II. Elections for officers I & II will be held on the second Sunday after school begins, only freshmen

            may run for these positions.

            Section III. A simple majority vote of all regular voting members will be needed to be elected.

            Section IV.

                    a. A quorum is established when at least three quarters of the regular voting members are present.

                    b. In the case that a quorum is not attained, proxy votes may be accepted to effect a quorum for

                    voting purposes.



Article I: Amendments

            Section I. The officers of the ASA can amend the constitution in the first month of every semester only

            if they unanimously agree.

            Section II. Any regular member may propose an amendment on the first meeting of each month.

            Section III. The vote will be held one week from the proposal.

            Section IV. A quorum is necessary for the amendment to pass.

            Section V. Malicious amendments which are obviously in violation or seek to change the original purpose of   

            the ASA at an inappropriate time will not be accepted as valid, this will be judged by the co-presidents and vice-president.

            Section VI. The amendments must be in compliance and approved by the Tufts Community Union Judiciary.