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Senior Honors Thesis

Seniors in Art History and Architectural Studies who qualify for the Thesis Honors program (normally restricted to those whose names have appeared on the Dean's List at least two times before their senior year) may spend their final year writing an honors thesis. Senior theses are demanding but rewarding for both student and faculty. They require a good deal of discipline and focus on the student's part, but in return they can take you well beyond the classroom and can develop useful research, writing and organizational skills.

In spring semester of junior year, prospective thesis writers, including those studying abroad, should begin consulting with their advisors about possible thesis topics and research plans. By the last Friday of classes of the junior year, all prospective thesis writers, including those studying abroad, must submit to the director of undergraduate studies a single-page prospectus listing the proposed thesis title, department advisor and relevant coursework, plus a short description of the thesis' content and research plan.

If approved by the department at this preliminary, prospectus stage, the student may then proceed to the proposal stage in close consultation with the advisor. By the first Friday of classes of the senior year, a three-to-five page proposal must be submitted to the director of undergraduate studies listing: the thesis title, the department advisor, and at least one additional committee member, and also including a lengthier description of the proposed project accompanied by a full research bibliography. The department in early-September grants or denies approval for the proposed thesis to move forward.

Completed senior theses are due the third to last Friday of April, to be considered for the department's Caviness Thesis Prize. Theses are publicly presented in ten-minute talks at a luncheon held the day after the conclusion of spring classes. Defenses are conducted in late April or early May. After the defense, a final copy of the thesis, in electronic form, must be submitted to the Tisch Library archive and a hard copy to the department. Seniors theses are taken into consideration when awarding academic honors or department prizes.

Tisch Library offers an 8 week, 1/2 credit class designed for students who are planning to write a senior thesis. The course is Research 4 Success: Using the Library for Thesis and Capstone Projects (EXP 19). 

Senior Theses