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Undergraduate Program

Art History Major

For the bachelor of arts degree in art history, ten courses are required for the major: Art History 1, 2 and 100; two courses pre-1700; two courses post-1700; and three electives, one of which may be an approved course in a related field (e.g. history, literature, studio art). At least one of the courses in the major must be taken as an upper-level seminar (Art History 198xx).

  • FAH 1 Introduction to World Art I
  • FAH 2 Introduction to World Art II
  • FAH 100 Theory and Methods of Art History
  • Two courses pre 1700
  • Two courses post 1700
  • Three electives (one may be an approved related course)

We believe in the value of exposure to the full breadth of artistic achievement across time and cultures and therefore require all majors to take the two introductory courses, 1 & 2, offered in the fall and spring of each year.

We strongly recommend that students take these courses early in their course of study as they allow students to acquaint themselves with different fields and periods and with different faculty. The two surveys are designed as springboard to the more specialized upper level (two and three digit) courses. Students often choose a major advisor based on their experience in the survey. As with all humanistic disciplines, art history is underpinned by certain theories and methods; these are at work in each and every course, but they are also the focus of FAH 100, Theories and Methods of Art History, also a required class for majors, normally taken in the senior year.

For inquiries about the Art History Major, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Associate Professor Ikumi Kaminishi.