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Faculty Publications in 2013

The department is proud to announce the following faculty publications for 2013 – in the order of most recent appearance.

Peter Probst, 2013. Preserving Heritage and the Values of Exchange. Lessons from Nigeria. History Compass, Vol, 11, No. 12: 1035-1046.
Madeline H. Caviness, and Jeffrey Weaver. "The Ancestors of Christ Windows at Canterbury Cathedral". Getty Publications, 2013.
Peter Probst, From Iconoclasm to Heritage. The Osogbo Art Movement and the Dynamics of Modernism in Nigeria. A Companion to Modern African Art. Edited by Gitti Salami and Monica Blackmun Visona (eds.) Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell 2013, pp. 294-310.
Peter Probst, 2013. Lagos-Osodi. Inspecting an Urban Icon. In Afropolis, City, Media, Art. Edited by Kerstin Pinther, Larissa Foerster and Christian Hanussek. Johannesburg: Jacana Media. (English Translation of the 2011 German Version), pp. 138-143.
Madeline H. Caviness. "Of Arms and the Woman in Medieval Europe: Fact, Fiction, Fantasy." FKW//Zeitschrift fuer Geschlechterforschung und Visuelle Kultur No. 54/Feb 2013: 54-75.
Peter Probst. "Beduerfnis zur Beachtung: Ikonoklasmus, afrikanisches Kulturerbe und Bildoekonomie (Frobenius Vortrag 2012)." Paideuma. Mitteilungen zur Kulturkunde. Vol. 59/2013: 31-49
Judith Wechsler. "Daumier ist ungeheuer!" Paintings, drawings, prints, bronzes by Honoré Daumier. Catalog of the exhibition in the Max Liebermann Haus, Berlin, 2013. Edited: Brandenburg Gate Foundation
Madeline H. Caviness. "Giving 'the Middle Ages' a bad name: Blood Punishments in the Sachsenspiegel and Town Law Books." Studies in Iconography 34, 2013, pp. 175-235.
Karen Overbey (& Maggie Williams). "Transparent Things: A Cabinet." Brooklyn, NY: Punctum Books, 2013.
Eric Rosenberg. "The Impossibility of painting: The satiric inevitability of John Singleton's Copley's Boy with a Squirrel." In Elizabeth C. Mansfield & Kelly Malone (eds.) Seeing Satire in Eighteenth Century. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation.