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Faculty Publications in 2012

The department is proud to announce the following faculty publications for 2012 – in the order of most recent appearance.

Andrew McClellan. "Art for All, Palace of the People: The Louvre," in The First Modern Museums: The Birth of an Institution in 18th and 19th-Century Europe, ed. Carole Paul (Getty Publications 2012), 234-57
Andrew McClellan. "P.T. Barnum, Jumbo the Elephant, and the Barnum Museum of Natural History Museum at Tufts University," Journal of the History of Collections 24 (March 2012), 45-62
Monica McTighe. "John Szarkowski," "Susan Sontag," "Adam Fuss," "Nancy Burson," "Nicholas Nixon," "Jo Spence," "International Center for Photography," "Aperture" all Entries for Grove's Oxford Dictionary of Art / Fall 2012.
Monica McTighe. "Art at the End of Language," Catalogue Essay for The End of Language: Lauren Catlett, Suzanne Silver, Justin Quinn, and Adam Wolpa. McIntire Department of Art, University of Virginia. December 2012.
Judith Wechsler. "Daumier and Censorship, 1866-1872", in Out of Sight: Political Censorship of the Visual Arts in Nineteenth-Century France, Issue 122 of Yale French Studies, ed. Robert Justin Goldstein, December 2012.
  Christina Maranci. "Armenia and the Borders of Medieval Art," Approaches to Byzantine Architecture and its Decoration: Studies in Honor of Slobodan Curcic, ed. Mark Johnson, Robert Ousterhout, and Amy Papalexandrou (London: Ashgate, 2012): 83-98.
  Christina Maranci. "Inside and Outside the Armenian Community of Smyrna: A Description of Monuments and Textile Arts," in Armenian Smyrna/Izmir: The Aegean Communities, UCLA Armenian History and Culture Series, ed. R. G. Hovannisian (Costa Mesa, California: Mazda Press, 2012).
  Christina Maranci. (co-authored with Alexander Zäh and Helmut Buschhausen), "Josef Strzygowski als Initiator der christlich-kunsthistorischen Orientforschung und Visionär der Kunstwissenschaft", Romische Quartalschrift für Chrischlichen Altertumskunde und Kirchengeschichte, 107 (2012): 1-38.
  Daniel Abramson. "From Obsolescence to Sustainability, Back Again, and Beyond" in Design and Culture. The Journal of the Design Studies Forum. Vol. 4, No. 3
  Cristelle Baskins. Lost in Translation: Portraits of Sitti Maani Gioerida della Valle in Baroque Rome. Early Modern Women, Vol. 7: 241-260.
  Cristelle Baskins. The Bride of Trebziond: Turks and Turkmens on a Florentine Wedding Chest. Muquarnas, Vol. 29: 83-100
  Andrew McClellan. "Museum Expansion in the Twenty-First Century: Abu Dhabi" in Journal of Curatorial Studies, Vol. 1, Issue 3
  Daniel Abramson. "Obsolescence: Notes Towards a History" in Building Systems: Design Technology and Society, Edited by Kiel Moe, Ryan E. Smith, (Routledge, 2012), pp. 159-170.
  Ikumi Kaminishi "Animated Rhythms of the Illustrated Scroll of Major Counselor Ban." In Looking at Asian Art, eds., Katherine Tsiang & Martin Powers. Chicago: Center for the Art of East Asia, University of Chicago. 2012.
  Adriana Zavala "A CHRONICLE IN LIGHT AND SHADOW: The Photography of Lola Álvarez Bravo", Lola Álvarez Bravo and the Photography of an Era, ed. James Oles. Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, Instituo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo. 2012.
  Peter Probst (guest editor). Iconoclash in the Age of Heritage. African Arts, Vol. 45, No. 3, 2012
  Monica McTighe. Framed Spaces. Photography and Memory in Contemporary Installation Art. Dartmouth: Dartmouth College Press, 2012
  Karen Overbey. Sacred Geographies. Saints, Shrines, and Territory in Medieval Ireland. Turnhout: Brepols, 2012
  Andrew McClellan. Musées publiques, pouvoirs privés. Perspective. Le Revue de l'INHA. 2012 /1, pp. 35-40
  Eric Rosenberg & Sara Blair. Trauma and Documentary Photography of the FSA. Berkeley: University of California Press (Defining Moments in American Photography Series) 2012
  Daniel Abramson (co-editor). Governing by Design: Architecture, Economy, and Politics in the Twentieth Century. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2012.