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Full Time Faculty 2016-17

Peter Probst, Professor and Chair (on leave spring 2017)
Research area: African art, memory and monuments, historic preservation, anthropologies of art, historiography

Cristelle Baskins, Associate Professor
Research area: Italian Renaissance art, Mediterranean studies, early modern books, and portraiture

Eva Hoffman, Assistant Professor
Research area: Islamic art and architecture, portable arts

Ikumi Kaminishi, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Research area: Asian art and architecture, Buddhist painting, and narrative studies

Christina Maranci, Professor, Arthur H. Dadian and Ara T. Oztemel Professor of Armenian art and architecture
Research area: Armenian art and architecture; early Christian, Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic art and architecture

Andrew McClellan, Professor, Museum Studies Advisor, Interim Director of Architectural Studies
Research area: Early Modern European art and theory; history of museums, exhibitions, and collecting; history of art history

Jeremy Melius, Assistant Professor
Research area: Modern art and art writing, critical theory and aesthetics, historiography, histories of sexuality

Karen Overbey, Associate Professor and Director Graduate Studies
Research area: Medieval art and architecture; early Ireland, Britain, and Scandinavia; portable arts; medieval materiality

Eric Rosenberg, Associate Professor
Research area: American Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, and Theories and Methods

Jacob Stewart-Halevy, Assistant Professor and Department's Transfer of Credit Representative
Research area: Contemporary art, global conceptualism, video art, media theory and anthropology

Malcolm Turvey, Sol Gittleman Professor, Director of Film and Media Studies
Research area: History of film, and media theory

Adriana Zavala, Associate Professor (On leave 2016-17)
Research area: modern and contemporary Latin American art, art of Mexico, and gender and women's studies

Part Time Lecturers 2016-17

Jordan Kauffman, Boston: Architecture and Urbanism
Spring Semester

Amity Law
, Introduction to Architecture
Fall Semester

Erin McCutcheon, Latin American Art
Fall and Spring Semester

Emeritus Faculty

Madeline Harrison Caviness, Mary Richardson Emeritus Professor
Research area: Medieval Art and Architecture, Stained Glass, and Gender and Women's Studies

Judith Wechsler, Emerita Professor of Art History
Research area: French Art, Realism to Post-Impressionism, History of Drawing, and Art on Film

Barbara Ehrlich White, Adjunct Professor of Art History Emerita
Research area: Modern European art, the life and work of Pierre-August Renoir and Impressionism


Patrick Carter,  School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Studio Art Coordinator and Transfer of Credit Representative for all 'Studio' related courses