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Full-time Faculty

Christina Maranci, Professor, Department Chair, Arthur H. Dadian and Ara T. Oztemel Professor of Armenian Art and Architecture
Research area: Armenian and Byzantine art and architecture, Art of the South Caucasus

Cristelle Baskins, Associate Professor
Research area: Italian Renaissance art, Mediterranean studies, early modern books, and portraiture

Eva Hoffman, Assistant Professor
Research area: Islamic art and architecture, portable arts

Ikumi Kaminishi, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Research area: Asian art and architecture, Buddhist painting, and narrative studies

Diana Martinez, Assistant Professor, Director of Architectural Studies
Research area: American architecture history, global architecture history, post-colonial studies, materiality

Andrew McClellan, Professor, Museum Studies Advisor
Research area: Early Modern European art and theory; history of museums, exhibitions, and collecting; history of art history

Jeremy Melius, Assistant Professor
Research area: Modern art and art writing, critical theory and aesthetics, historiography, histories of sexuality

Karen Overbey, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
Research area: Medieval art and architecture; early Ireland, Britain, and Scandinavia; portable arts; medieval materiality

Peter Probst, Professor
Research area: African art, memory and monuments, historic preservation, cultural property, UNESCO World Heritage, historiography

Eric Rosenberg, Associate Professor
Research area: American Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, and Theories and Methods

Jacob Stewart-Halevy, Assistant Professor (On leave 2017-18)
Research area: Contemporary art, global conceptualism, video art, media theory and anthropology

Malcolm Turvey, Sol Gittleman Professor, Director of Film and Media Studies
Research area: History of film, and media theory

Adriana Zavala, Associate Professor
Research area: Modern and contemporary Latin American art, art of Mexico, and gender and women's studies

Part-time Lecturers

Miku Dixit (Spring 2018)
Architectural Design

Emily Gephart (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)
Contemporary Art

Janna Kauss (Fall 2017)
Architectural Design

Chiara Pidatella (Spring 2018)
The Early Italian Renaissance

Emeritus Faculty

Madeline Harrison Caviness, Mary Richardson Emeritus Professor
Research area: Medieval Art and Architecture, Stained Glass, and Gender and Women's Studies

Judith Wechsler, Emerita Professor of Art History
Research area: French Art, Realism to Post-Impressionism, History of Drawing, and Art on Film

Barbara Ehrlich White, Adjunct Professor of Art History Emerita
Research area: Modern European art, the life and work of Pierre-August Renoir and Impressionism


Patrick Carter, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Studio Art Coordinator and Transfer of Credit Representative for all 'Studio' related courses