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Graduate Program

Current Graduate Students: 2017-2018

Micayla Bransfield Micayla Bransfield (1st year, AH)
Micayla graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Art History and Fine Art. She has working experience at institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Her current research addresses modern and contemporary art with a focus on post-World War II modes of abstraction, material studies, and issues of collaboration within artistic networks.
Emily Chun Emily Chun (1st year, AH)
Emily graduated from Wellesley College with a BA in Art History, and has worked at alternative art spaces and art non-profits during her undergraduate career. She is interested in art that uses smells; affect in digital art; the epistemology of vision and its dominance over the human sensorium; techno-Orientalism; and art that uses technology to create alternative embodied knowledge and a wider vision of what it means to be human.
Fiona Dang Fiona Dang (2nd year)
Fiona is a first-generation college graduate of Williams College, where she earned her B.A. in Art History and Psychology. She has interned or worked at various institutions, including the Williams College Museum of Art, Seattle Art Museum, Frye Art Museum, Wing Luke Museum of the Asian American Pacific Experience, Artist Trust, and Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. Fiona is particularly drawn to the different modes of storytelling, and aims to examine the complexities of representing the identity and history of marginalized communities.
Quinn Divens Quinn Divens (1st year, AH)
Quinn recently earned her B.A. from George Washington University, where she studied International Affairs, French, and Art History. During her time at GW, she interned at the National Portrait Gallery, the Smithsonian Provenance Research Initiative, and the U.S. Embassy in Paris. Additionally, Quinn developed her professional skills as an art history research assistant and an art consulting project assistant. She completed her undergraduate career by writing an honors thesis that studied Algerian Surrealist Baya Mahieddine within the contexts of outsider art and the male gaze. Ultimately, Quinn strives to contribute to the flourishing discussion around the representation of women in modernist paintings. Quinn is delighted to join the Tufts art history community, and plans to pursue a curatorial career in the years after graduation.
Elizabeth Kendrick Elizabeth Kendrick (2nd year, AH and MS)
Elizabeth is a native Bostonian and a graduate of Mount Holyoke College with a B.A. in Art History; she also spent a year studying English and Art History at the University of St. Andrews (UK). Throughout college and following graduation, she worked as a curatorial intern and assistant at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum. She has gained experience as a docent at the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College and in the publications office of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. She is particularly interested in European and American modernism, and aims to explore the role of gender, social movements, artistic networks, and transatlantic exchange in the art of the early 20th century.
Megan Dixon Megan Dixon (1st year, AH)
Megan completed her bachelors at the University of California Santa Barbara, where she studied Art History, Global Studies, and German. Fascinated by interdisciplinary approaches, Megan pursued an Honors Thesis that would allow her to bring together her areas of study and received UCSB's Howard C. Fenton Fellowship to travel to Germany and conduct research on her paper Academic Colonialism and Acquired Collections: Unpacking the Rationalization of Cultural Heritage Ownership. Megan has had internships with UCSB's Special Research Collections, Art, Design and Architecture Museum, and with the collaborative exhibition Pacific Standard Time, where she worked as a curatorial intern for Sacred Art in the Age of Contact. Apart from cultural heritage and theories of cultural exchange, enduring interests of Megan's include medieval art; the phenomenology of the Christian image; representations of religious minority communities; and material studies.
Denia Lara Denia Lara (2nd year, AH and MS)
Denia came to Tufts from New York City, where she worked in the education office of The Cloisters for three years after receiving her B.A. in Art History from NYU. As an undergraduate, she held internships at the Museum of Biblical Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art during which she cultivated an interest in the processes behind collecting and exhibiting objects. Denia's area of research is broadly medieval with special focus on the art and culture of the Normans, the Christian kingdoms of the Iberian peninsula, and the spread of Christianity throughout Europe and North Africa. She is engaged in questions about the fabrication and patronage of artworks, primarily paintings and manuscripts.
Jackie Kong Jackie Kong (1st year, AH)
Jackie is a graduate of New York University with a B.F.A in Studio Art and double major in Art History. Throughout her undergraduate career she interned at the Whitney Museum of American Art, as well as several art galleries. Her research interests include the intersection of dance and drawing, and the reflexive utilization of content and context in Post-Minimalist artwork. She hopes to return to her studio art background one day to teach Modern and Contemporary art history to young artists.
Kelsey Petersen Kelsey Petersen (2nd year, AH and MS)
Kelsey graduated from UCLA with her BA in art history, where she specialized in Byzantine architecture. She also immersed herself in courses focusing on the visual culture of Africa and its diaspora. Following an internship in the education department at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, she began working for Cheza Nami Foundation, a non-profit organization that brings the visual and performing arts of Africa to the Bay Area. She is interested in how African arts intersect with other areas of the diaspora. After graduating she intends to pursue an educational career in a cultural institution. In her free time she enjoys biking around Boston in search of independent bookstores, art museums, and eclectic coffee shops.
Earnestine Qiu Earnestine Qiu (2nd year, AH)
Earnestine received her B.A. in Linguistics and Art History from Rutgers University. She spent two years in social work before returning to the humanities and has since interned at the Morgan Library & Museum, the International Center of Medieval Art, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her interests lie in Byzantine architecture and monasticism.
Juan Omar Rodriguez Juan Omar Rodriguez (2nd year, AH and MS)
Juan Omar earned his BA in neuroscience at Oberlin College, where he also pursued a minor in art history. As an undergraduate, Juan Omar volunteered as a student docent at the Allen Memorial Art Museum in Oberlin, Ohio and conducted research through the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship on Mexican painter Diego Rivera's first murals in Mexico City. His experience working in a multisensory integration lab as an undergraduate informs his interest in examining how aesthetic experiences are constructed and how individuals chose to interact with the sociopolitical nuances of artworks. At Tufts, Juan Omar is excited to focus his studies on modern and contemporary Latinx art in the U.S. and in exploring how display practices can facilitate critical and nuanced interpretations of art.
Marina Schneider Marina Schneider (2nd year, AH and MS)
Originally from Houston Texas, Marina received her B.A. in art history from DePaul University, in the arctic city of Chicago. After graduating, she spent two years studying Arabic at the University of Houston with a few months of study abroad in Oman. Though she likes to expand her art historical knowledge in numerous directions, her research interests always return to the art of the Islamic world; especially moments of cross-cultural interaction. At Tufts she hopes to figure out if she would like to continue on to a Ph.D. and work in academia or pursue a career at a museum.
Sonnie Solomon Sonnie Solomon (1st year, AH)
Sonnie earned her B.A. in Anthropology and the History of Art and Architecture from the University of Pittsburgh. She has interned at various Pittsburgh arts organizations, including Carnegie Museum of Art and Contemporary Craft, and served as a programming coordinator for the Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival. Most recently, she worked in the curatorial department at The Andy Warhol Museum, where she focused on public programs. These experiences fostered an appreciation for contemporary art as a subversive tool and platform for social action. She intends to explore her interests in the history of photography and performance art at Tufts.
Kevin Vogelaar Kevin Vogelaar (1st year, AH/MS)
Kevin Vogelaar comes from Fordham University, where he earned his first M.A. in Medieval Studies with focuses in Pilgrimage Studies and Interfaith Relations with special emphasis on the art and literature of the Near East, Iberian Peninsula, and Francia in the 5th-11th centuries. This past summer, Kevin received a Summer Research Fellowship from Fordham University to explore the impact of Syriac apocalyptic in the development of Christian imperial and Islamic caliphal expressions of authority and identity. During his time at Fordham, Kevin worked in the Archives and Special Collections office of the Walsh Family Library, where he worked as the area specialist for medieval manuscripts and curated exhibitions of medieval and modern relics. On behalf of the Walsh Library, he taught undergraduate classes and graduate master classes in codicology and manuscript studies. Kevin is particularly interested in the interactions of artistic and literary movements and the cooperative and competitive participation in such movements by Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Zoroastrians in the Early Middle Ages and the modern conceptualization of those interactions now. He also seeks to explore more fully the complimentary roles of sight, hearing, and the other senses in understanding the presence and impact of an object in the museum and beyond. Kevin intends to pursue a curatorial career after graduation.
Yue Xiu Yue Xiu (1st year, AH/MS)
Originally from Nanjing, China, Yue earned her B.A in History of Art from Bryn Mawr College. Interested in modern Chinese Art and Japanese Art, she held internships at the Philadelphia Museum of Art throughout her senior year and following her graduation. Gaining experiences at the museum's Contemporary Art, South Asian Art, and East Asian Art Departments, she has built a comprehensive knowledge of the museum's curatorial routine, from her independent research projects, archival experiences, and administrative tasks. In the past year, she worked with the Senior Curator of East Asian Art Department curating an exhibition named "Philadelphia Collects Meiji." This exhibition, which will open in September 2018, features objects from four celebrated 19th century American collectors of Japanese art. These museum experiences extend her love for History of Art and Museum studies, and she is excited to further her study at Tufts University.