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Courses and Syllabi

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Spring 2019 Course Offerings

Course # Course Title Faculty
FAH 0002-01 Introduction to World Art II Emily Gephart
FAH 0007-01 Introduction to Latin American Art Adriana Zavala
FAH 0008-01 Introduction to Architecture Diana Martinez
FAH 0015-01 Japanese Architecture Ikumi Kaminishi
FAH 0021-01/0121-01 Early Islamic Art Eva Hoffman
FAH 0025-01/0125-01 Medieval Architecture Karen Overbey
FAH 0048-01/0148-01 Nature into Art Andrew McClellan
FAH 0050-01 Impressionism Post Impressionism Jeremy Melius
FAH 0057-01-0157-01 Global Conceptualism? Jacob Stewart-Halevy
FAH 0070-01 Contemporary Arts of Africa Peter Probst
FAH 0086-01/0186-01 Latinx Presence in Art and Visual Culture Adriana Zavala
FAH 0092-01/0192-01 Behavioral Images Jacob Stewart-Halevy
FAH 0092-03 Medieval Books Karen Overbey
FAH 0092-04/0192-04 Introduction to U.S. Art 1770-1962 Eric Rosenberg
FAH 0096-01 Design Architecture Aaron White
FAH 0097-01 Design Architecture Advanced Aaron White
FAH 0098-01 Senior Integrative Seminar (architecture) Diana Martinez
FAH 0122-01 Iconoclasm Iconophobia Eva Hoffman
FAH 0192-03 Who Owns the Past? Peter Probst
FAH 0200-01/0198-01 Seminar: Japan's Floating World Ikumi Kaminishi
FAH 0210-01/0198-02 Seminar: Armenian Architecture Christina Maranci
FAH 0260-01/0198-03 Seminar: WWII Art's Death & Birth Eric Rosenberg
FAH 0288-01 Collection Care and Management Ingrid Neuman
FAH 0289-01 Museum Studies Internship Cara Iacobucci