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Field School: Programme for Belize Archaeology Project

Lecturer Lauren Sullivan offers an annual Archaeology Field School in the summer. As Ceramicist and Field School Director for the Belize Archaeological Project, she leads Tufts undergraduates and students from the University of Massachusetts in this project located on the Programme for Belize Rio Bravo Conservation Lands in northwestern Belize. Students participate in first-hand field excavation and laboratory research in a tropical rainforest setting that was the site of Maya occupation from ca. 900 B.C. to 900 A.D. They investigate social and political organization through the excavation of small site centers and large ceremonial centers.

This research is conducted through a research permit issued to Dr. Fred Valdez, Jr. granted by the Institute of Archaeology and the Government of Belize.

If you are interested in attending the Archaeology Field School, please contact Dr. Sullivan.

Commuting to work

Vessels from Hageman's Tomb

Excavation at the Medicinal Trail

All photographs are from the Programme for Belize Archaeology Project.