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Clusters – Designing Your Anthropology Major

Violence and Human Rights

Photo: Joe Brusky

Power is a central concept in anthropology. Anthropologists approach questions about violence and human rights in ways that go far beyond what people normally mean by "politics," including not only the state and political domination but also the ways in which power works in social relations and everyday actions. We also explore the very wide range of practices by which people seek redress for violence and make claims based on human rights.

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Faculty: Amahl Bishara, Sarah Luna, Sarah Pinto


  • ANTH 15 Native Peoples and Indigenous Rights in South America
  • ANTH 25 The Anthropology of Violence
  • ANTH 27 Human Rights in Cultural Context
  • ANTH 117 Coming of Age in Contemporary Africa
  • ANTH 122 Gender and Sexuality in South Asia
  • ANTH 146 Global Feminisms
  • ANTH 149-30 Ethnographies of Palestinian Societies
  • ANTH 165 After Violence: Memory, Haunting, Accounting
  • ANTH 169 Anthropology of the State: Subject, Citizen, Sovereignty