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Clusters – Designing Your Anthropology Major

States and Economies

Photo: Humphrey King

Capitalism and the modern state may seem universal, natural, and perhaps too abstract to grasp through experience or ethnography. But anthropologists' research illuminates how people actively produce, reproduce, and resist the values that animate these broader systems. We also study the ways in which capitalism and the state are made material in products, infrastructures, and even in our own bodies.

See also: Place and Environment | Violence and Human Rights

Faculty: Amahl Bishara, Alex Blanchette, Tatiana Chudakova


  • ANTH 27 Human Rights in Cultural Context
  • ANTH 28 The Global Factory: Labor & Industrial Capitalism
  • ANTH 149-25 Anthropology of Refugees & Displacement
  • ANTH 164 Media, the State, and the Senses
  • ANTH 169 Anthropology of the State: Subject, Citizen, Sovereignty