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Undergraduate Program

Clusters – Designing Your Anthropology Major

Science, Technology, and Culture

Photo: Thierry Ehrmann,
stencil by Goin

Anthropologists have been at the forefront of the recent shift to understanding science and technology as social worlds in their own right, infused with cultural processes and shaped by politics. As a discipline that draws from the "hard sciences," social science, and the humanities, anthropology takes a uniquely broad approach to understanding how knowledge and "innovation" are produced. Our graduates find that this perspective is valued by employers in these same fields; one recent alum, now developing new medical technologies and conducting public health research, told us that "being an anthropology major made me stand out in a sea of comp-sci and math majors."

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Faculty: Amahl Bishara, Alex Blanchette, Tatiana Chudakova, Nick Seaver, Sarah Pinto


  • ANTH 32 Introduction to the Anthropology of Science and Technology
  • ANTH 39-06 Unsustainable Agriculture
  • ANTH 149-26 Science, Magic, and Markets
  • ANTH 178 Animals and Posthuman Thought
  • ANTH 185-15 Biopolitics: Life, Death, and Power
  • ANTH 185-20 How to Pay Attention