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Clusters – Designing Your Anthropology Major

Place and Environment

Photo: Aleksandr Zykov

Humans' relationship to specific places and to the non-human world has long been a central concern for anthropologists. It is also a crucial component of cultural geography and increasingly of the planning profession as well. In an era when our effect on the earth has reached the level of a geological force, anthropological thinking about "nature," sense of place, mobility, non-human species and relationships, adaptation, and climate is being reinvigorated in ways that can contribute enormously to contemporary consideration of the problems and opportunities we now face as a species.

See also: Memory and History | Science, Technology, and Culture | States and Economies

Faculty: Amahl Bishara, Alex Blanchette, Tatiana Chudakova, Cathy Stanton


  • ANTH 20 Global Cities
  • ANTH 24 Anthropology of the Environment
  • ANTH 39-06 Unsustainable Agriculture
  • ANTH 134 Consuming Cultures: Tourism, Travel & Display
  • ANTH 178 Animals and Posthuman Thought