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Undergraduate Program

Clusters – Designing Your Anthropology Major

Performance and Media

Photo: Vladimir Postovit

Anthropologists examine how expressive culture engages, enrages, delights, and mobilizes. We approach forms from ritual and dance to jokes and gestures with an eye to the broader social and political processes involved, and with questions about how they function as modes for individual communication and vehicles for collective action. We also participate in producing expressive culture, such as parades, documentary films, exhibits, and ethnomusicological recordings.

See also: Bodies and Medicine | Memory and History

Faculty: Amahl Bishara, Sarah Pinto, Lauren Sullivan, Cathy Stanton


  • ANTH 05-04 History & Theory of Ethnographic Documentary
  • ANTH 132 Myth, Ritual, & Symbol
  • ANTH 134 Consuming Cultures: Tourism, Travel & Display
  • ANTH 137 Language and Culture
  • ANTH 144 Popular Cultures of the Middle East
  • ANTH 164 Media, the State, and the Senses
  • ANTH 185-10 Bodies in Motion