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Clusters – Designing Your Anthropology Major

Majoring in Anthropology lets you explore an extraordinarily wide range of topics and questions. Because the discipline is so comprehensive and integrative, with sub-fields that span the distance between the hard sciences and the humanities, students sometimes wonder how to begin creating a path through the degree requirements while maintaining some central focus. As a way to help you envision what your major might look like, we offer a summary of the main clusters of interest and expertise within our department:

Under each heading you will find sample courses and a list of faculty who can help you design your degree to fit your own particular interests and goals.

ANTH 130, "History of Anthropological Thought," and ANTH 161, "Fieldwork Lab," our theory and methods classes, support all trajectories through the major. Our department's focus on public anthropology also creates opportunities for research and engagement in many areas of interest.

Note that these clusters are not degree requirements. A strength of the major is that it can be configured in many different ways. These lists are intended only as a starting-point for your own thinking and for conversations with potential advisors.

Choosing one of our four minors in Anthropology provides a built-in focus, but minors may still find it helpful to review these clusters of interest in choosing electives and consider how the minor can best complement other academic areas of focus.