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Clusters – Designing Your Anthropology Major

Bodies and Medicine

Photo: Xava Du

For anthropologists, a body is many things: a cultural product, a performance, a focus of power structures, as well as a web of experiences that include wellness, illness, and states in between. Similarly, medicine is a cultural world, rich with symbolism, shaped by political systems and dense with moral concerns. Many of our graduates report that our courses in these areas were crucial in helping them to bring creativity, critical thinking, and culturally sensitive perspectives to their work in medicine, education, public health, and related fields.

See also: Performance and Media | Science, Technology, and Culture | Violence and Human Rights

Faculty: Alex Blanchette, Tatiana Chudakova, Sarah Luna, Zarin Machanda, Sarah Pinto


  • ANTH 44 Primate Social Behavior
  • ANTH 126 Food, Nutrition, and Culture
  • ANTH 147 Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH 178 Animals and Posthuman Thought
  • ANTH 185-15 Biopolitics: Life, Death, and Power
  • ANTH 188 Culture, Psychiatry and the Politics of Madness
  • ANTH 182 Human Physique
  • ANTH 184-10 Bodies in Motion
  • ANTH 185-17 Altered States: Anthropology of Consciousness and Transformation