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Undergraduate Program

Major Requirements

Ten courses, including:

  • One Gateway (introductory level) sociocultural anthropology course (Anthropology 5-39 excluding Anth 5 Science and the Human Experience)
  • One Gateway biological anthropology or archaeology course (Anthropology 40-59)
  • Anthropology 130
  • Seven additional anthropology courses, at least one of which must be an area-focused course numbered below 160 (a Gateway or mid-level), and two of which must be upper-level seminars (Anthropology 160-189)

We strongly recommend taking the theory course (Anthropology 130) in the junior year. The department encourages majors to explore the possibility of undertaking a senior thesis.

A minimum of 50% of courses counted towards the Anthropology major must be completed at the Tufts University home campus or in Tufts University-sponsored programs abroad. A maximum of two courses cross-listed in other Tufts departments may be counted toward the Anthropology major. Students must achieve a grade of C- or better for a course to count for credit toward the major.