Street scene in La Paz, Bolivia

bodega market in Somerville, MA

Anthropologists study the full range of global human experience, combining social, cultural, biological, archaeological, and linguistic approaches within a single discipline. Questions of the “natural” form of marriage, the relationship between religion and state, the kinds of physiques idealized in the media, the creation of a cultural heritage, the use of child soldiers, the global flows of “World Music,” the causes of infant mortality, the meanings of archaeology for descendant communities, the consequences of bilingualism, how societies can rebuild relationships after mass violence, and the intersection of diasporas and notions of “race” are typically anthropological.

Tufts is distinguished for its Public Anthropology initiative, in which faculty and students focus on key public concerns and engage with communities and audiences outside the academy. While in the past anthropology was typically the study of non-Western societies, today anthropologists also work “at home”-wherever in the world that “home” is. Our course offerings reflect both our global approach and our concern with domestic and local issues. They also reflect the longstanding anthropological practice of combining a concern with “local voices” with the need to situate those voices socially, historically, and politically.

Anthropology at Tufts provides students not only with a strong background in critical thinking, analysis, and writing, but also with first-hand experience through original field research. Our students can present their research and engage with others who share similar interests, both through Tufts' Anthropology Collective and through the Greater Boston Anthropology Consortium, which connects faculty and students across several campuses. This combination of intellectual community, disciplinary breadth, global and local understanding, hands-on research, and public engagement makes Anthropology a strong liberal arts major and an excellent preparation for both graduate school and a wide range of careers.

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