Tufts University Arts, Sciences and Engineering Anthropology Department
Name: Sarah Pinto
Title: Associate Professor
Departmental Affiliation: Anthropology Department
Degrees: Ph.D. Anthropology, Princeton University
Expertise: Medical anthropology, gender, mental health, reproduction, cultures of biomedicine, kinship, global feminism, history of the body. Geographical focus on India.
Major Awards: Frederick Burkhardt Fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies, for "History of Hysteria in India: The Transnational History of a Medical Idea", Radcliffe Institute 2013-2014; Tufts Queer Straight Alliance Dona Yarbrough Prize 2010; Center for Humanities at Tufts Faculty Fellow 2009-2010; Sardar Patel Award for Best Dissertation on Modern India, 2004
E-mail: sarah.pinto@tufts.edu

Scholarship & Research:

The global history of medical ideas, with a focus on the history of hysteria in India.

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