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Spring 2019 Courses & Descriptions


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Core Courses:

Category I (Foundations): One Introductory course, drawn from the following circulating courses: Introduction to Africana Studies; WEB DuBois and the Foundations of Africana; A World View of Race; Black World Literature; African-American History to 1865.

  • AFR 0022-01 (ENG 0020-01) Black World Literature ~ Greg Thomas

Category II (Methodology and Concentration): a course drawn from the following courses: Race and US Africa Policy; Black Feminist Theories; African Politics; Critical Race Theory; African History; History of African-American Music.

  • No course offered in Spring 2019

Category III (Distribution/Electives): at least five of these courses should come from the student's main area of concentration (drawn from the designated areas Africa, African America, and Other Diasporas). The other three should be selected from the other two areas, at least one from each.

Mid-level Elective Courses:

  • AFR 0047-01 (AMER 0010-01) American Studies Methodologies: What is America? History, Literature, and Culture in the Long Twentieth Century ~ Greenidge and Lone Fight
  • AFR 0047-02 (REL 10-02) (Re-)Inventing Africa: Religion, Race, and Colonialism in the Making of the Africana World ~ Elana Jefferson-Tatum
  • AFR 0047-03 (AMER 0010-02) Human Rights in the US ~ Abowd
  • AFR 0047-04 (AMER 0094-01) Internal American Migrations: Movement, Identity, and Change in American History and Culture ~ Lone Fight
  • AFR 0047-05 (HIS 0013) Reconstructing Africa’s Past to 1850 ~ Chris Conz
  • AFR 0047-06 (MUS 003) Intro to World Music ~ Stephanie Khoury
  • AFR 0047-07 (FAH 0070-01) Contemporary Arts of Africa ~ Peter Probst
  • *AFR 0047-08 (AMER 0094-04) American Youth, Revolt, and Revolution ~ Tom Abowd
  • AFR 0047-09 (EXP-0002-S) The Contemporary Caribbean: Politics, Economics, and Global Impact ~ Rami Blair

Upper-level Elective Courses:

  • AFR 0147-01 Afro-Palestina & Colonial Fascism ~ Greg Thomas
  • AFR 0147-02 The Literature of the African Diaspora in the Americas – Adlai Murdoch
  • AFR 0147-03 (ENG 0192-01) Seminar: Mark Twain and Charles Chesnutt ~ Nathan Wolff
  • AFR 0147-04 (PS 188-04) International Relations: Race, Ethnicity, and US-African Foreign Policy - Pearl Robinson
  • AFR 0147-05 (PS 188-05) International Relations: Rediscovering the Howard School of International Affairs - Pearl Robinson
  • AFR 0147-06 (0171) Critical Perspectives on 'Development' in African History ~ Chris Conz
  • AFR 0147-07 (HIST 0173) Black & Native New England ~ Kendra Field and Kerri Greenidge
  • *AFR 0147-08 (AMER 0194-04) American Youth, Revolt, and Revolution ~ Tom Abowd
  • AFR 0147-09 (FR-0192-D) Mediterranean Crossings: Colonial and Postcolonial Migrations and Identities ~ Mona El Khoury

Standard Courses:

  • AFR 0199 Independent Study ~ Staff