DevTech Team: Safoura Seddighin

Safoura is a second year Master’s student in the Department of Child Development at Tufts. She joined the DevTech research group in the summer of 2011 when she started her work as a computer scientist and technical consultant. Following her passion of being a part of positive development of children as the first and greatest inspirations for making a better world, she decided to combine her technical background with child development knowledge by concentrating in “New Technologies and Human Development” at the department.

Safoura’s current project is “Ready for Robotics”. The goal of the project is to “Develop and evaluate a low-cost, developmentally appropriate robotic construction kit specifically designed for early childhood education (PreK-2) to facilitate teaching of the components of STEM, the “T” of technology and the "E" of engineering, that have been the most neglected in this age segment”

Prior to joining the DevTech lab, Safoura got her BS in Computer Science from Isfahan University of Technology, Iran and her MS in Computer Science from California State University, Sacramento. Safoura has a three years old son who has kept her motivated while connecting the dots and finally getting where she is today.

Safoura’s resume can be found here.

Email: s.seddighin at tufts dot edu