DevTech Team: Nauman Khan

Nauman Khan

Nauman joined DevTech research group in Summer 07. He has worked with the DevTech team to develop a new and enhanced version of Zora. He designed and implemented the story telling component, called "Sage" and integrated it with Zora. He worked on improving the logic as well as interface for the logparse used to process the research data created in the Zora related projects.

Nauman finished his Ph.D. in the Computer Science Department in 2011. He got his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and masters in Computer Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. His Ph.D. research focus is in VLSI Systems.

In extra time (if any) Nauman loves to cook, play cards and squash, and drive around. You can find more details about Nauman on his personal web page: