DevTech Team: Louise Flannery

Louise Flannery

Louise is interested in how children's developmentally unique patterns of cognition impact their learning and thinking and in applying this understanding to the design of new technologies that afford rich and accessible materials for construction, exploration, and higher-level thinking.

Louise was the research scientist and coordinator on DevTech's ScratchJr project from September 2011 through August 2013. In this role, she worked with the team on all aspects of the project from developing study methods to designing and implementing curricula and assessments in K-2 classrooms to rethinking the software design. Check out current ScratchJr publications here.

Prior to joining the ScratchJr project, Louise spent two years as a Master's student working on the TangibleK Robotics Project. She defended her thesis in September, 2011, on the relationship between children's level of cognitive development and their approaches to programming and learning outcomes with CHERP. This work was recently published.

In between undergraduate and graduate degrees at Eliot-Pearson, Louise spent 5 years as an early childhood educator, working with toddlers, preschoolers, and second graders in Cambridge, MA.

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