DevTech Team: Amanda Sullivan

Amanda is the Associate Director of the Early Childhood Technology (ECT) Graduate Certificate Program and a researcher with the DevTech Research Group. She has worked with DevTech for seven years, having completed her Master's and Ph.D. in the Eliot-Pearson Dept. of Child Study & Human Development at Tufts University. During her time at Devtech she has worked on a range of research projects, but primarily contributed to the Ready for Robotics project, which focuses on developing a low-cost, developmentally appropriate robotics construction kit specifically designed for early childhood education.

Before coming to Tufts, Amanda got her B.A. from Bennington College with a double concentration in Psychology and Theater. Her interests include: early childhood technology, children's development of gender stereotypes toward technology and engineering, identity development and presentation of self online, social interactions online, creativity, children's theater, and the arts. Amanda's dissertation research,“Breaking the STEM Stereotype: Investigating the Use of Robotics to Change Young Children’s Gender Stereotypes About Technology and Engineering” investigates strategies for negating masculine stereotypes about engineering during the foundational early childhood years.

In addition to her work at DevTech, Amanda co-taught a course at the Tufts Experimental College called "Human Development in the Digital Age." Amanda was the recipient of the Eliot-Pearson Research Practice Integration award (2012) and the GSA Outstanding Contribution to Undergraduate Studies award (2012 and 2014) from Tufts University.