Project Inter-Actions

Saturday Morning Session


“Speeder” by Daraja


It makes bubbles and speedy spins around on top of that. It is important because I like it and it was hard to make. I like whales. And speedy is a whale. It is special to me because I like whales and it was hard to make that whale and to cut out that whale speedy.


My dad was helping me before and Kevin helped me too.


I learned that you can’t just make it, it takes time. And patience. And I learned how to make a Lego project.


It was hard on my first and my second project.





“Music Box” by Sonia


My project plays a song and it spins around.  It was my best thing made out of Legos that I have ever done.  I built it with lots of different kinds of Legos.  I added decorations to it.  I programmed it to spin around and play a song just until the song is done and then it stops.  I got help from everybody in the workshop.  The hardest thing was building.  I learned how to program Legos to do stuff.  






“The Rollercoaster” by Briana


The roller coaster has leaves and it goes up and down.  It is important because it is fast and fun.  I built it with Legos and leaves and trees.  I made A and C go forward and then A and C go backwards.  I got help from Kaitlyn.  The hardest thing was to get the leaves to go up and down.  I learned how to build a roller coaster.






“The Kicker” by Julian


My project is two projects in one. It’s a soccer ball kicker and it’s a goalie. I think it is important because it works very well and it is a little like a game.  I started with my goal and then I built my soccer ball kicker and over the three weeks my dad helped me with the goalie.  Kevin helped me program it and it was very very hard to follow.  When I press down one touch sensor it makes the motor go and when I press the other touch sensor it makes it go the other way.  Yes I got some help from my family and from the leaders.  I think the hardest thing was building the pulleys to handle my goalie.  I learned that you should take what you get and build from that.  





The Windsurfer by Lucas

My project blows cool wind in the summer.  I used Legos.   I used a program. Yes I did get help I got help from Melissa and Joey.


The hardest thing was programming it to go slow. I learned that you can build Legos to move.


p.s. I liked building with the Legos





Elliot’s Dragster

I decided to make it because I thought that a dragster would be hard to make and I could always change it. It goes forward and the light sensors sees dark it stops. There is a motor on the back that spins around and connectors are put on it on the back.

First I got some plates that were long and started stacking them up and because I thought of the dragster because Julian made a thing that was kind of long so I decided to make a dragster. I got some help from Kevin.

The hardest thing was how to put the motor on top of the dragster.  I learned that you have to push down on things to make them stick together.






Celine’s Digger

          My robot is a mole that digs. It is I important because someday I might invent something that would automatically dig when you pressed a button. The hardest part was putting on the arms because they have a ton of gears. I learned that fences do not dig very well!






Joey’s Windmill 

My windmill spins and makes sounds.

It is important because I thought it would be really cool to make a windmill because I like the way it spins.

I put shiny things on it. I made it with Legos.  I used a gearbox and a worm gear to make it spin slower.

I programmed it on the computer.  I just made it spin forward.

My brother helped me make it.

The hardest thing was putting it back together after it fell apart. 

I learned that making robots out of Legos is harder than it looks.       





Sophie’s House





Brita’s Giraffe




Congratulations to all the children and families on their hard work!