Project Inter-Actions

Eliot-Pearson Children’s School

1st & 2nd Grade



Kyle & Charles Robot Fighter

The big robot fighter fights and waters plants by dumping a big bucket!!!!!!!!!!!!  The big robot moves and it spins the rocket like crazy.  The wheels move.  It is important to Kyle’s culture because almost everybody in Kyle’s family went in the war.  It is important to Charles’ culture because he waters the grass every summer.

We really worked hard.  Charles did the bucket and Kyle did the rocket and we worked together on the wheels and the motors.  It took a really long time.  We needed a little help with the motors.  We worked together to decide how it would move and how it would spin the rocket and how it would stop.  We took turns putting stuff on the screen when we programmed.

We had problems with the rocket and the wheels and how to straighten it out.  The rocket was the hardest thing.  We didn’t know how to attach it.  We learned we had to attach the wires to the brain and the motors.  We learned how to attach the rocket to a motor.  We kept trying to get bigger wheels. Kyle said, “Hey Charles.  Aren’t we missing something?”  Then they both said, “We need the big wheels!”  Someone took the wheels off and we got bigger wheels.  We had lots of lots of lots of fun.








Thea and Thais’ Birthday Cake



This is a picture of a birthday cake.  The purple things are the candles and the gold thing is the top of the birthday cake.



This is a picture of the cake spinning.  The white things are the lights.



This is a picture of Thais and Thea with the birthday cake.





We Light Up the Candles” by Sophie


My project that I’m working on is a menorah.  My project lights up when you press ‘run’ on the brain (RCX).  There is two boxes and then there’s really sticky tape that pulls down the pole and then one piece of cardboard and one piece of paper and some rods.  I stick little lights on the top.  It’s important to my culture because I’m Jewish and I celebrate Chanukah.  I celebrate with my whole family. 


          I thought what I was going to do and then I said to myself, “am I really going to do this?  It seems kind of hard.”  I drew a brainstorm picture and then built it with cardboard, paper, blocks, straws and tubes, and the brain and boxes and tape and shiny stuff.  Kevin programmed it.  It told him what I wanted and he programmed it. 


          The problem is that it keeps on tipping over.  I tried to fix it but it always seems to not work.  I learned how to make the menorah light up.








“Happy Birthday Jesus” by Mariel

The angel hovers above the barn where the manger is.  There’s two wise men and the shepherd with his sheep.  There’s motors and wheels to make the angel hover.  I celebrate Christmas and we have the barn with the manger in it and we sing happy birthday to Jesus.  Me, and my mom, and my dad sing in the morning after we open our presents. 

          I made it out of a tissue box.  I drew a picture to give me an idea.  I used paper and tape.  I programmed the wheels to go back and forth and take turns.  I used the jump in the program.  It makes it goes from the end back to the beginning. 

The problem was that we had to make the wheels go a certain time so that it would make the angel go off the pins.  I could fix it because we made the program less than a minute.  I learned that you have to make it less than a minute to make the angel go.







“Speedy Legs” by Yahia

It’s going to spin and then its charge into another robot. I built this because I want my robot to never break. I like building.  I designed it by looking at how the pieces would go together and I asked a friend when I had a problem. I programmed it by putting the speed highest it could be. And then I did the programming and I tried it out. Then I built more and it worked.  It broke when pieces fell off and that helped me learn a lot. Sometimes the blocks need to be strong. Sometimes it goes slow and sometimes it goes fast because of how I build it.





Nico’s “Running Mobile”

My project moves forward for 6 seconds and stops.  There are two people on the car.  The two people on the car are me and my Dad.  Me and my Dad like running so that is why it is important to my culture. 







“Race Pick-Up” by Jackson

The car is supposed to come and pick up my dad.  I programmed it and you press on and then you press go and it goes and it stops and my dad jumps in it and then it goes to the finish line.  It goes when I press the touch sensor and it stops when I press the touch sensor again.  I made it because triathalons are important to my family.  My mom and my dad do triathalons and I’m going to do a kids triathalon.

I built the car with a lot of legos.  It was very, very hard but I got the hang of it.  I programmed it on the computer with Elisabeth.  We told to go and stop and then go again.  One of the problems was that the pieces kept falling apart.  The first time we programmed it and we tried it out, one wheel went backwards and one wheel went forwards.  I learned that you gotta get the motor that holds the wheels on tightly.  You have to program the wheels to go forwards.  We turned the wires around.






“The Firework Creation” by Jackie and Setenay

We put things on top of it and there are light bulbs and glow and the dark bricks and we made it flash like fireworks. It is important to Jackie’s culture because her Godmother really likes fireworks and she does too. Setenay likes fireworks too. Once she saw a firework shaped like a heart.

We programmed it by using Robolab and we designed it my getting a huge box and Jackie drew some fireworks and cut them out. On the next day Jackie got some lights and put them on the fireworks and put on the glow in the dark legos. She wired them to the box, and the back of the box had all wires. Then she got a tape with fireworks sounds. We put it in a tape recorder behind the box. Then we got the head block (RCX) and tested it out. Jackie came in one night and made the lights flash with Kevin’s help. When Setenay got back from Jordan she helped Jackie glue on the stars.

We didn’t have any problems. Jackie learned that you can’t glue the blocks, you have to put wires down to the head.  On the first day Jackie was a little shy and didn’t know what to do. So she thought about what her family liked and liked to do. And then I started working on this project for a couple weeks and I ended up with a really good project and I’m really proud. I didn’t want anything on wheels, so I thought I could make a big board of fireworks. Other kids liked it a lot.






Isaiah’s “Gorilla Car”

My project is a papa gorilla with a baby that moves, spins and plays music.  It is important to my culture because I like gorillas and my Momma and I go to the Franklin Park Zoo a lot to see the gorillas.  I used brown paper and stuffing and staples to build my gorilla.  My gorilla car is made out of Legos.  My car was breaking so someone helped me make it stronger. 








This project has a guy that climbs a mountain, goes back down and plays music.  My culture is from Morocco, Egypt, Italy, Thailand, Greece, Albania, Nepal, Zimbabwe, and Kazakhstan, and there were tall mountains in some of those places. 

It was hard getting the right mechanism to get the guy up the mountain.  We decided to put cardboard around the mechanism. The mountain is out of cardboard and the guy out of Legos.








Dylan’s Screwy Squirrel

The squirrel spins around for 10 seconds.  The squirrel is on the motor.  There are lots of squirrels.  I used to watch the squirrels run in the park with my Auntie Farrah. That’s something we did for fun.  

I had help from Kevin and Elias.  I used Legos and pictures from the computer.  I put a wheel so the squirrel could spin. 

There were kind of some problems.  I started building something but then I changed my mind.  It was hard to figure out the motor.  I got help.  I learned that you have to put a wheel if you want a squirrel to spin, and that’s all.








My Eskimo hops and runs away from a polar bear. I built this because I am an Eskimo.

First I built a platform. Then I built the background. Then I built The Eskimo and the trees and then the motor for the Eskimo. I put a lot of slow motion into the motor of the Eskimo. And then I put a lot of fast speed into the wheels.  I learned that is mostly very hard to support the car. My favorite part was that I learned how to make things jump.








“Easter Bunny” by Aria

The Easter Bunny spins around and sings songs and it drives forward and backwards.  My family celebrates Easter.  It’s important because it’s my favorite holiday and it’s my mom’s favorite holiday. 

I had an idea.  I drew a picture of an Easter Bunny and some flowers.  Then I started working on it.  I put the wheels on and then a teacher helped decorate the car.  She got some flowers and some gates.  I made another Easter Bunny on another piece of paper and cut it out and then taped it on.  Brianne helped me program it.  It goes forward, stops, and then it spins around and then you flash a light on it and it goes backwards and then it sings a song, an Easter song, and then stops. 

The wheels kept falling off, so I was very frustrated.  Then Brianne said, “You need an axel extender.”  I got two axel extenders and it worked and the wheels stopped falling off.  That was the only problem.  I learned how to program my car.  I learned how to make it spin around, play music, and stop. 






Congratulations to all the 1st & 2nd graders and their teachers and families on their hard work!