Course Resources - iMovie

Using iMovie on the Mac

  1. Connect the camera to the computer.
    1. The camera is connected to the computer with a Firewire cable (it is shiny gray).
    2. The input jack for the cable on the camera is on the left of the camera, to the back (right underneath the swiveling video screen). Note: It may be hidden by a plastic covering. The Firewire jack is the one in the middle.
    3. The larger end of the Firewire cable goes into the back of the computer. Look for the slot that is the same shape and size. On the G4 they are right underneath the USB slots.
  2. Plug the power cord into the camera.
    1. The DC-in jack is located on the back of the camera, underneath the battery.
  3. Turn the video camera to "VCR."
    1. If you were holding the camera, as if ready to shoot a video, the swivel switch for turning the camera on is right at your thumb. The "VCR" setting is the one on the top.
  4. Open iMovie.
    1. The program icon should be on the bottom of the Mac screen - it looks like a director's clipboard.
    2. If it prompts you to save a new project, create a project name and save it. If someone else's movie opens by default, go to: File >> New Project. Create a project name and save it in the location where you want your movie to be.

iMovie comes with fantastic tutorials; they have written instructions far better than I could. They are really simple and easy-to-understand. Go to:

Help >> iMovie Help >> Tutorial

Here are the main topics you can read about:

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Lesson 1: Getting Your Video into iMovie
Lesson 2: Removing Unwanted Scenes
Lesson 3: Adding Transitions and Photos
Lesson 4: Adding Motion and Video Effects
Lesson 5: Adding Titles and Chapter Markers
Lesson 6: Working with Sound
Lesson 7: Watching Your Finished Movie