Created By DevTech Research Group

KIWI (Kids Invent with Imagination)

A robotics construction set for young children

KIWI is a developmentally appropriate robotics construction set for young children. It was developed by the DevTech Research Group at Tufts University through generous funding by the National Science Foundation (NSF Grant No. DRL-1118897, DRL-0735657). KIWI is specifically designed for children in Pre-K through 2nd grade.

KIWI hardware consists of intuitive, easy to connect construction materials including: wheels, motors, light output, and a variety of sensors (Sound, Light, and Distance sensors). KIWI is designed to work with CHERP software.

The KIBO robot, based on the KIWI prototype, is now commercially available through Kinderlab Robotics. Kinderlab just completed a successful  Kickstarter campaign and would like to thank all contributors for their support!

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