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Africa in the New World Minor

The Africa in the New World (ANW) Interdisciplinary Minor encourages students to explore Africa, the African Diaspora in the Americas, and global Africa through a range of perspectives. Particular emphasis is given to three intellectual currents: Diaspora studies; Identity construction; and Globalization. ANW sponsors an annual Africa-Diaspora lecture series as well as a Winter Break study tour to showcase these themes.

To fulfill the ANW Minor, students must choose five courses from at least three departments or programs of the university, bringing to bear the knowledge and perspectives of various disciplines on a single subject. In addition to the five courses, a student is required to complete an appropriate project, such as a thesis, field-based research, or some form of creative work, which integrates the knowledge and methodologies of the disciplines involved and must include a written analysis. The integrative project will be given one-half or one course credit under ANW 90-95 designations and will receive a letter grade. Students interested in a Major concentration may propose an ANW Plan of Study in African Studies, African-American Studies, or African Diaspora Studies.

Courses cannot count for both the ANW Interdisciplinary Minor and the African/African American Culture option.

NOTE: The Africa in the New World minor is no longer available for students entering Tufts in AY2012-AY2013. As of AY14-AY15 it will no longer be offered and is being replaced by the Africana studies major and minor. 

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For more information regarding Africa in the New World, please contact:

ANW Director
Prof. Paula Aymer
Eaton 118
Office: 617.627.2469
ANW Program Administrator
Kathy Spagnoli
Eaton 110
Office: 617.627.2311